[TEXAS] Contacting the Andalites
Keelas just laughed at the traitor's comments, having regained it's bearing.

< Precedes you? > it mocked. < I remember you, little traitor. It was a pity that I couldn't crush your body between my own hands before. I am so happy to have another opportunity to do so. >

<< REINFORCEMENTS. NOW! >> it bellowed in thought-speak, reaching out to any remaining Yeerk forces.

Keelas then laughed bitterly. < Conveniently I am not the lead in this operation, therefore not my problem. And do you really expect me to believe that you have a way to contact Visser Three or the Council? Don't make me laugh, traitor. > At the same time he spoke privately to his last Hork-Bajir, << Be ready to retreat. I'm not prepared to sacrifice my host or let these miserable rebels starve me out. >>

Forlin was frustrated that he wasn't getting any sort of orders. The...complication, was it? It was probably distracting Ax entirely. And he didn't know what it was.

<< I'm coming to you, >> he said, and started to gallop in that direction. Things were fine in the area he was in.

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