Illegal Aliens
"We're cloaked righ'?" Leona asked for what felt like the hundredth time.

<Yes...> Shalaren answered, again. Leona had been back seat piloting nearly the whole trip, but the closer they got to Earth the more paranoid the human was becoming.

"Your sure we can slip pas' their sensors?"

<How small is your planet? It is round like all the others I assume. There's no way they could guard all three hundred and sixty degrees of it.> The two were almost like an old mated couple on a road trip.

"You'd be surprised..." Leona said with a sigh. As brilliant as Shalaren was she'd never been in battle before, never learned any sort of military strategy.

<Do you want to drive?> Of course Leona knew Shalaren was joking. Like most andalite ships this one was operated through the andalites telepathy, something neither Leona nor Grel could do in their current forms. If they had been capable of operating the ship Shalaren would have likely handed the reins over to the two experienced combatants the second they'd entered yeerk occupied space.

"Jus' keep your eyes open..."

<I always have at least one eye open.> Shalaren replied a bit confused. <And the ships sensors are far more likely to pick up yeerk ships before we'd see them.>

Leona could only roll her eyes. The possibility of being spotted as they approached Earth had the auburn haired human to tense to bother explaining the expression.
[Image: mpRN3x.png]

The sensors would pick up the Visser's Blade ship, but would not be able to see it; it was Vantablack and blacked out the stars that twinkled behind it. It would pick up the Pool ship, floating obviously flat and bloated within space. And several Bug fighters. The Yeerks had quite a small fleet out here.

"Wish I could shoot them all," Grel said as she stared at the blips. She wished she had a Bug fighter instead, she'd know how to shoot with a Bug fighter. Here, she felt useless, should they get into a firefight. "Where on Earth we go to? You know places on Earth?" she asked Leona.

Peering over Shalaren's shoulder Leona took note of the various ships popping up on the sensors. Leaning forward she pointed to a location on a map of Earh Shalaren had pulled up on one of the screens. "This is the area Forlin indicated. It'll be too guarded to make our decent there though. Probably bes' to sneak into the atmosphere at point where their defense are weakes' then head there."

<Understood.> Shalaren answered, sounding almost giddy now that they were so close. Creepy the cloaked ship along all four of her eyes scanned the various screens for an opening. It seemed the weakest point in the yeerk's security was nearly on the opposite side of the planet from their destination.

"Once we're over over ocean we should probably travel through the water to avoid detection." Leona thought put loud as Shalaren eased the ship around the planet to line up for their decent.
[Image: mpRN3x.png]

Her new Blade ship was top-of-the-line. She'd truly been lucky to get it, rather than some old hand-me-down. She especially liked that her quarters were nice and big, and had grass growing on the floor. Not Andalite grass, but Earth grass, and it was still growing, having been seeded.

She was receiving a communication. "I'm reading a ssssstrange blip on our ssssssensorssss, Visssssser," came a Taxxon-Controllers hissing voice.

<It is probably nothing, but dispatch a Bug fighter to investigate anyway.> It could be a downed fighter, or someone from the Resistance or their supply lines, or just something like...a Skrit Na ship coming too close. But 'leave no stone unturned.'
[Image: leoff_sig.png]

Gerlan simply didn't understand her logic. She'd gone into Yeerk-infested space with their most dangerous weapon...the Escafil device. Devices. And it was all because she cared about these non-Andalites. If the Yeerks got their hands on her Escafil devices, it would be all over.  She had stolen them, he felt. She had stolen from the Andalite people. He might not have been sent to pursue if she'd left without those.

Though he would have wanted to.

He was not alone here.  Another had been ordered to pursue Shalaren, and yet another had come with him.  The fighter was feeling rather crowded. They exited zero-space, and were assessing what they saw before them. What sensors had read. He saw a Bug fighter moving off from the squadron, to head in the direction of the Earth. Perhaps it was after Shalaren's ship? He would pursue.

Looks like we've go' company... Leona pointed out noticing one of the blips on the monitor moving closer to them.
<I don't think yeerks will be very good company.> Shalaren pointed out, her stalk eyes shifting in confusion. <What should we do?> She asked nervously. Though she might have had a brilliant mind Shalaren was no solider. She'd never had any tactical training, the andalite barely even knew how to operate the the ships weapons! So turning to the two former hosts with actually combat experience seemed a wiser choice then trying to figure out what to do on her own.

Leona watched the monitors for a moment, debating their opinion in her head. Speeding up to out run the bug fighter would draw more attention to them, but letting it get too close ran the same risk. "Speed up, make a race for the plane' and hope we can ou' run it before they call back up."

Shalaren didn't question the decision, relying on the human's expertise. The ships cloaking would be compromise at faster speeds, but with any luck they'd be able to find a place to hide on the planets surface, they just needed to get there first. Suddenly the ship took off for Earth's atmosphere, looking to enter it before the yeerk ship could catch up.
[Image: mpRN3x.png]

The blip was speeding up, and so were the Yeerks.  These Bug fighters had been modified for flying in atmosphere due to the nature of the Earth invasion, and Gerlan knew they would eventually outrun the Andalites.  There was no doubting to the Yeerks that they knew they were Andalites.

And Gerlan had a moment to think...should he do what was best?  Let the Yeerks destroy them before they could get away with the devices?  No, he couldn't allow this.

He fired on the Yeerk fighter.  Green beams lanced out towards the Yeerks, who weren't suspecting an attack from behind.

Leona watched over Shalaren's shoulder as more bug fighters joined the first, picking up speed to pursue. "Wait for them to get within range and open fire while maintaining speed. Don't wait for them to fire first." Leona instructed, unwilling to give the bug fighters a chance to get close to them.

<You want me to shoot and pilot at the same time?!> Shalaren spoke as though Leona had asked her to warp time and space.

"If Grel or I could operate the weapons we would. Just focus, it's easier then you think." Leona assured her.

An alarm suddenly went off as a second andalite ship fired on the bug fighters pursuing them. Startling Shalaren she fired off a shot as well, though unfortunately her's missed completely.

"....Lets try aiming with the next one."
[Image: mpRN3x.png]

Zephrin frowned. 

He had an order to go with Gerlan. 

Allerna had insisted on coming with them. He wasn't entirely sure why, but they seemed to have more of a bond than he had expected. 

Yes, she loved her technology, but he was surprised at just how close they had gotten. 

And a little jealous at the time...a little jealous and a little scared...of losing his fiance. 

Was he not enough? 

All he was was a simple vecol

But he snapped out of it when he heard shredder fire. <What can I do?>

Allerna paced.

She had insisted on going with them for multiple reasons. Not just for Shalaren, but for Zephrin as well.

Shalaren had admitted many things to her, and she felt they had grown close. Close enough to admit that her fiance had a prosthetic she had built, and close enough that Shalaren had admitted that she wasn't too thrilled about her arranged marriage.

Not at all.

But she knew the Yeerks couldn't get a hold of these devices. She knew if necessary...she would need to destroy them.

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