Escafail Device (Visser Three, Indar/Vek)
Norpo was working fervently. 

Sweat was dripping down Ti's nose, and he dabbed it with Ti's shirt. 

The tool Norpo was using was heating up the room so badly that Ti had taken off her dark-green shirt and was wearing a white bra underneath. 

A part of her wanted to take her shorts off, too, it was so damn hot. 

Along her right arm there were track marks. Most of them had healed, but it was still obvious if someone knew what to look for. 

<I need some God-damn air!> Ti snapped for the fifteenth time. 

<Fine. Just let me finish this part...Great.> He stared down at the orange eight-sided cube and winced a little as it sparked. 

"Visser Three's gonna be sooo happy with our progress..." he muttered, moping her brow with her shirt. 

He stepped out of the sealed-off lab and closed it, leaning against the wall and panting, feeling the cool air rush over his host. It caused goose-bumps, but neither of them really seemed to care.

Indar 632 was a Red Band, and typically his place was on the Blade ship.  But he was one of the guards attending to the Visser, therefore, he was at the Pool when the Visser was.

He had heard that Norpo had returned.  He wanted to see the Yeerk that he owed the acquisition of this host and position to.  Vek still seemed very...subservient to Indar, but Indar was teaching him to think more for himself.  He wasn't in this just for his own self, after all.  He was here for Vek, and he was here for the Yeerks and the hosts.  Visser Three would certainly not appreciate his sentiments if he knew them, but what the Visser didn't know wouldn't kill him, as the humans said.

While he was off of his shift, he figured he could visit Norpo, but when he got there, found him busy in the lab. So he waited, munching a piece of bark as he did. He'd gotten it from the cafeteria. He noticed him stepping out, and he waved a clawed hand. "Norpo! Long time no see!" the Red Band said.

"Wonderful..." Ti muttered, then turned her frown into a smile. "Indar. How have you been?" she asked with a wave, walking over to him.

She mopped her face a bit more. "Sorry about my dress. I was just...working in a hot area...What 'cha doing around here?"

Indar shrugged. "Everything is the 'same old,' as humans say," he said. She wondered what he was doing around here, and he replied, "Well, I'm a Red Band, I go where the Visser goes. I'm on break now, though." He bit off another piece of bark, chewing thoroughly. Vek was satisfied with the food.

"A Red Band?" She nodded. "That's cool, that's cool. Sorry about my host's shirt," she added. "It's just...gets kinda hot, ya know?"

Indar laughed. "Norpo, do you see me wearing any clothes? Except this of course." He patted the band on his shoulder. "I don't mind."

There was the sound of hooves against the cool stone floor as the Visser strode towards the lab.  He saw one of his guards -- Indar, was it? -- talking with Norpo.  He didn't care that he was interrupting whatever casual conversation the two seemed to be having as he spoke.

<Ah, Norpo,> he said.  <I trust you have been hard at work on the project?  How does it go?>  He didn't even notice her attire; he thought it silly how fussy humans could be over their natural forms.

"Visser Three," Ti said with a slight smirk. "Of course I'm working hard, sir. I just needed a small break. My host was...heating up a little."

She sighed and sort of leaned back. "Did you need something, Visser Three?"

< How is your progress on the project? > the Visser queried.  He was right down to business, as with an invasion on several fronts and having more projects to oversee, he was a busy Yeerk.  < Have you been receiving the materials you need to complete it? >

"It's...going," she replied. "The project is...complicated."

She quirked an eyebrow and crossed her arms. "Well, I'm getting some of the supplies. But they're getting here rather slowly."

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