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Young Adult

Andalite Government

Shalaren is a brilliant scientists in morphing technology. Though she's made great strides in improving morphing tech, Shalaren is as much an artist as she is a scientist. Though she might have preferred to make a living as a estreen or song writer, Shalaren's family convinced her that brilliant mind would be wasted in such profession. Additional Shalaren was recently informed her father had arranged a marriage for her. No doubt to try and conceal Shalaren's preference towards other females.

Shalaren has produced a number of experimental Escafil devices with various unique properties, however none of them have been tested.

    Escafil Devices
  • Chimera:
  • Suppose to allows DNA from different species to be combined into a unique creature.
  • Nothlit:
  • Suppose to restore a nothlit.

  • Created by: Shandragontear
  • Adoptable: No
  • For Use By: Shandragontear

[Image: mpRN3x.png]

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