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A carnivorous insectoid type of alien resembling a massive Earth centipede, Taxxons are by and large willing allies of the Yeerk Empire. This was done not by conquering them but by making them a deal to provide them with an endless supply of new and exotic meats. Later the Yeerks also began using them to dispose of criminals.

Tending to be anywhere between eight to ten feet long in length, Taxxons are closer to the height of a human when standing erect since the lower portion of their body is required for balance. Their most prominent feature is their mouth, which is large with razor sharp serrated teeth situated directly in the center of it and also includes a long tongue. Their four red eyes are situated around this mouth. On their upper body they have twelve appendages that end in lobster-like pincers and are good for operating controls, which tends to them often occupying Yeerk Bug Fighters. Their lower half has twenty legs along it's length for them to stand upon. They are slightly slower than humans on land but make up for that lack in speed in the water, proving themselves to outpace many other creatures.

The main issue that both Yeerks and morphers find with Taxxons is the hunger. They have an unending, irresistible instinct to consume, especially regarding meat. Should a Taxxon sense raw flesh or blood, it will begin a feeding frenzy, and they have zero qualms with cannibalizing their own kind. They will even devour their own severed or damaged flesh. Neither Yeerk nor morpher can fully control the feeding instinct of a Taxxon, which is driven by their constant fear of starvation.

While most Taxxons are a willing part of the Empire, there is a group known at the Mountain Taxxons that has fought the Empire. On the Taxxon homeworld the leader of this group was The Living Hive, though it is believed that the Hive was destroyed after the Taxxon Rebellion was crushed. It was believed that the Mountain Taxxons were destroyed alongside the Hive but recent rumors perhaps him that they are not quite so wiped out.

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A race of ancient, sapient androids who look like skeletal dogs with interlocking steel and ivory plates walking on their hind legs, they fit into human society by means of holograms that make them appear human. They were created hundreds of thousands of years ago by a peaceful and now sadly extinct race of dog-like aliens known as the Pemalites. Their presence on Earth has been around since at least around the time that the Pyramids of Giza were being erected.

Because the Pemalites were peace-loving pacifists, they programmed their creation to never allow them to allow a creature to come to harm, even going to far as to name them friend in their language. This decision ultimately aided in their downfall with a race known at the Howlers attacked and the Chee were unable to protect their creators. The Chee and those Pemalites who survived the onslaught fled to Earth but those Pemalites who were left were infected with a germ weapon that the Howlers unleashed. In order to keep something of their creators alive since they were unable to save them, the Chee placed the essence of the Pemalites into an Earth creature similar to them: wolves. This union is what helped give way to the modern domesticated dog.

Through their holograms, the Chee are not only able to make themselves appear human but are able to go through a full lifespan. After the "death" of their previous incarnation, they simply take on the illusion on another person and continue on. Often several of them will have or share a secret underground hideout where they take care of stray dogs since they remind them of their long dead creators. On Earth, the Chee also have considerably more strength than they did on their original planet thanks to the Pemalite homeworld having a gravity four times stronger than that of Earth.

It is known through the memories of both Jake Berenson and Marco Reyes that the eyes of a bird of prey can catch the possible flicker of a Chee hologram and the eyes of a wolf spider can be used to see through them. Because of this many Chee have moved into hiding alongside the rest of the Resistance, though there are several who still persist in the outside world, retaining a position as spies as well as keeping an eye on the world when others cannot. A few are still daring enough to remain amongst the Yeerk forces, risking their very existence in an attempt to continue aiding the remaining Animorphs and their allies. This is mostly thanks to Keelas 112 not considering them much of a threat due to their pacifism and Sidin 445 covering for the ones that he is aware of when he can.

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A blue, ape-like species, they are native to the Yeerk homeworld and were the very first species that the Yeerks infested. Due to their slow gate and general inefficiency, the Gedd formed a symbiotic relationship with the Yeerks that allowed them to survive in exchange for serving at hosts. That relationship went from symbiotic to full control after the Yeerks attacked the Andalite on their homeworld.

The Gedd may be ape-like in general appearance but not fully. They have yellow eyes which have notoriously poor vision, three-fingered hands, and webbed toes. Another score against them is that they are also not terribly intelligent on their own and have poorly functioning motor skills. Also, while they stand on two legs, one leg is longer than the other which causes them to be unable to fully balance and requires them to keep one or both hands on the ground. Yeerks who control Gedd also have problems speaking effectively since their mouths are difficult to control.

They are one of the species that are fully controlled by the Yeerk Empire with no known members existing outside of it. Within the Empire, they are used by young or low-ranking Yeerks

[Image: o_skritna.png]

A race of scavenger aliens, their name actually reflects the fact that they have two distinctly different phases of life.

The first phase of their life is the Skrit, which is a rather dim-witted creature with a distinctly cockroach-like appearance. They are almost as big as an Andalite in this form, with fourteen legs and six sets of antennae. At some point the Skrit will form into a cocooon and after a year it will emerge as a Na. The Na would be very recognizable to anyone on Earth given that they look rather exactly like the famous "Grey Aliens" from popular Earth culture. In this form they are about the size of a human and have grey skin, large heads with two gigantic eyes, and slender arms and legs. Their spacecrafts also largely resemble the flying saucers that are the traditional craft of aliens in Earth culture.

The Skrit Na are notorious amongst the galaxy for abducting species' from other planets. This behavior is split between experimenting on those they abduct or transporting them back to their homeworld to reside in an alien sort of "zoo". However, they are neutral in most intergalactic matters despite this, not belonging to either the Yeerk Empire or being allies of the Andalites. Their survival in the face of the Yeerks is largely due to the fact that they are unsuitable to become Controllers. They do, however, often strike deals with the Empire and provide them with new alien technology.

Other species will come in the future.

In all the universe, no greater beauty. In a thousand, thousand worlds, no greater art than this.

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