Life is Precious... Maybe... Sometimes (Roughly 6 1/2 years ago)
The Visser's feeding day was usually a drama filled event thanks to her new host. The human was proving unusually difficult to break. This particular feeding session would prove to be especially difficult. Having discovered one of her subordinates had allowed one of the only two Leeran they'd managed to capture, for breeding, to die while in transport back to the station, Visser Six was quick to execute him. Subsequently the yeerks host had also died in the execution, her own host's father. Truth be told Nxion hoped the tragedy would finally break the willful redhead, though she wasn't exactly sure why other species placed such value on family relations. As Visser six made her way to her personal feeding chamber, all she cold tell at this point was that her host's mind was an utter mess. The human's right brain was an insane storm of emotions, screaming, whaling and endless string of curses directed at Nxion. Leona's left, logical, brain wasn't even trying to rationalize at this point. In some way it was almost as if the left brain had simply shut down, completely overwhelmed by the rights sudden tantrum.

Of course it wasn't until Nxion left the girl's head for her pool that others would see the effect such loss hand on the young human. The second she had control of herself Leona was throwing punches, kicking and screaming. Her efforts were in vein though, her hits having little effect on the hork-bajir controller who'd forced her into the usual cage. Suddenly the cage around her felt like it was closing in. She tried to pace like a tiger in a zoo, but the cage was too small for even that. Gripping handfuls of those red locks Leona gave a gut wrenching scream, finding no other outlet for everything that was suddenly welling up in side her. Without much though as to all the reasons why it wouldn't work she threw herself against the door of her cage, as though she had some prayer of breaking it open. Of course the cage didn't budge, and Leona had only accomplished bruising herself before collapsing into a sobbing heap on the floor. "I can'... I can't anymore..." Her voice shuttered between sobs. Nothing made sense in her frazzled mind anymore. In that moment all the young human knew was an unbearable pain that came from no physical part of herself, but had to end one way or another...
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Vek was...different. Vek was, like the humans on this station (the young ones), small. But he was one of the Hork-Bajir. But he wasn't like all of the Hork-Bajir. He was more intelligent. He wanted to learn. He would observe and he would study. And he wondered why some of these people, they did not fear their masters. They did not fear the Yeerks, who were mighty enough to take their bodies. Who worked magic.

He was already the size of grown man, and continuing to grow. Hork-Bajir aged quickly, and Vek was no exception. His blades had grown in, and it would not be long before he would have a Yeerk placed in his head. He did not dread it...he was curious. He wondered what kind of Yeerk would use his body.

That was when he heard a blood-curdling scream. Was someone hurt? It had come from the pool. The Visser's personal pool area. Timidly he stepped inside. The Hork-Bajir guard paid him little mind. Vek inclined his head, knowing that this guard was a Yeerk. Of the two of them, Vek was the inferior. And then he headed for the cage, to find a human girl sobbing.

"Hello..." he said, as softly as his gravelly voice could. "Why are you crying?" Vek tilted his serpent-like head, his expression soft.

The distraught human hadn't noticed the young hork-bajir entreating the room. To caught up in her own sorrows, Leona jumped with a startled gasp at the sound of a voice. Shifting to see who was speaking to her, those emerald eyes giving a few dazed blinks. It seemed to take Leona a moment to recognize the clone. Nxion didn't spend much time in that wing, Leona had only seen the clone once or twice.

"It made me kill my father." Leona barely managed to answer, her voice hushed and shaken. As usual she refused to acknowledge Visser Six's chosen gender, calling her it out of spite. Of course she knew it was unlikely a clone would even understand the concept of a father, or even family for that matter. Still though, the desperate redhead tried to plead with Vek. "Can you get me ou' of here?" She asked, that Australian accent almost never heard when she was under the Visser's control. "Please... Don' let them pu' it back... I jus' can't anymore..."
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It made her kill...what? "What is a father?" the small Hork-Bajir asked. Whatever it was, it had her distraught. She wanted out of there. The Visser seemed mean to this poor human host, and it made Vek sad. "No, I am not able to get you out of there...something worse would happen to both of us, I'm sure of it." He was shaking and trembling, looking at the floor. The Hork-Bajir-Controller at the door had his Dracon on stun, ready to knock Vek out in case he tried anything. But he doubted that he would. Vek turned his head, staring at awe at the pool, seeing something so small swimming in the pool. So small, yet able to take one's brain over in a snap. And he looked at Leona.

Just a vessel, like you are...don't feel sorry for her... he thought, but it was so hard. He scratched the back of his neck. It was prickling.

But what was this 'father' she had killed?

"He's the one who raised me." Leona answer softly, know no other way to describe a parental figure without going into more detail. When Vek refused to help the young human scrambled to her feet, a sudden desperation in her eyes. "Please!" She begged gripping the bars of her cage pressing her form up against them as though she were trying to get closer to the hork-bajir. "I would rather die then have tha' thin back in my head!" The frazzled human didn't seem to be in her right mind. There was a sort of panic in those wide emerald eyes, as if the prospect of continuing to live like this truly did terrify her beyond even death. Tears streaming down her cheeks and body trembling, the redhead suddenly reached out to try and grab at the blades on one Vek's arms. She had no regard for her own safety, in fact harming herself on his blades seemed to be her goal.
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Vek was raised by Yeerks. Their purpose was raising him, getting him ready for his destiny. This human had faced her destiny...but she was not happy. She wanted to die?

He quickly stepped back, out of her reach, but she had managed to nick one of his not-fully-grown blades and a small drop of red blood was drawn. Vek stared at it. "I am sorry," he said. "What is it about Visser Six that is so horrible? What is she like to you?" Weren't Yeerks good to their hosts?

As Vek drew away Leona looked almost as though her feelings had been harmed more then her flesh. As though a friend had betrayed her somehow by refusing their help. Leona didn't even seem to notice Vek's apology, her gaze lowering to examine the shallow cut upon her wrist. It wasn't more then a scratch really, not nearly deep enough for her to bleed out. A metaphorical light bulb seemed to go off in Leona's head as her eyes started darting around in search of something else sharp with in her reach seeing nothing that wound be effective those emerald eyes returned to Vek. "They took everythin I loved from me..." She finally answered, a few last tears rolling down her cheeks as she lifted her wrist to get lips. With a muffled cry Leona forced her teeth into her own flesh, making sure she bit deep enough to hit the major artery. As her hand fell back down at her side Leona's own red blood could be seen covering her lips and chin, and still pouring from her self inflicted wound. Stumbling back to lean against the back of her cage, the shock of her first wound made it easier to bite into her other wrist. Sliding down against the bars Leona came to sit at the bottom of her cage. "I hope you learn freedom someday..." She spoke weakly, loss of blood already making her feel dizzy before those green eyes slowly closed.
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Vek was horrified when he realised what he'd done.  And he didn't know what to do as she started biting her wrists with her teeth.  "Stop!  Stop it!  I'll let you out if you stop hurting yourself!" he said.  Blood, there was red human blood everywhere.  Vek grasped the edges of the cage, but there was little he could do.  His hearts were pounding, and he was weeping in the way a Hork-Bajir would.

But the Visser's guard wouldn't allow this to happen.  Not on his watch.  There was a pounding of Hork-Bajir feet behind him, and a voice speaking to a comm, "This is Orrin 858, I need a medical team here immediately," came the guard's gravelly voice.  He glared at Vek, shoved the young Hork-Bajir aside.  Vek clattered to the floor, looking up at the cage.  He'd accidentally cut himself on his legblade as he'd fallen, but he didn't care.

He was worried about Leona.  Were the Yeerks going to make sure she lived?

The guards were quick to open the cage. It was ironic in a way. Only when she was on the verge of death did someone finally open her cage. One of the guards placed turnicits to slow the bleeding while waiting for a medical team. Medics wasted no time in rushing Leona to the infirmary. Once the room had been cleared only Orrin 858, Vek, the Visser within her pool, and a large stain of human blood. Orrin turned his host's gaze to Vek with a disapproving scowl. Odds were, given her emotional state, Leona would have tried to kill herself regardless. But Vek had been there, and the Visser would be looking for someone to blame. "Wait here." Orrin instructed coldly. "The Visser will need a temporary host." As he made his way out of the room Orrin made sure to contact Leoff and inform her of what'd happened.
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Leoff hated this job. Despised it. It was not her specialty. Though, keeping the peace while the Visser was feeding, was indeed.

She had been making sure that everything was running smoothly when she got the comm. The Visser's host had not been properly restrained, and had begun to try and kill herself. Yeerk medicine would certainly keep her alive -- was she such a fool to realise they wouldn't save her? Bloodloss? She could hardly die from that on here...there was certainly a human with her blood type

The fault was probably on Visser Six herself, for not realising her host would try and kill herself. Leoff always had Grel properly restrained so that she couldn't slit her throat with her blades. But where there was that failure, Orinn should have stepped in and kept the host bound. And little Vek shouldn't be running around in high security areas...

The Sub-Visser sighed as she made her way to the private pool that Visser Six and Leoff used. It was a relief they kept the Taxxons away from this area of the station, but one might be called to clean up the bloody mess Leona had left.
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