Cinnabuns, hun. [Ti/Norpo]
Mall in Santa Barbara

Gods, cinnamon buns were delicious.  He'd ordered two and some coffee, then finished those, and went to get more.  Two more...and another coffee.  After he'd demorphed and morphed back in the family bathroom, so that he didn't have to keep running to the bathroom to pee.  Because coffee...kinda made his human morph do that, and it got annoying, constantly having to move his stuff.

He licked the icing off of the first box, before taking a drink of coffee, and then starting to devour the second bun.  "This is amazing..." he mumbled to himself.  No wonder Ax loved these...such a taste sensation.

Ti stood at the counter, bored out of her mind. She had a blank stare on her face as she looked over the food court. This guy had come to the counter twice, and ordered a total of four cinnabuns, and something about him was...odd. She didn't realize her blank stare was aimed towards him.

<It's weird,> she said. <He's so familiar...>

<I know what you mean,> Norpo replied. <It's bugging me so mu--> He practically jumped as one of her coworkers came over and tapped her on the shoulder.

"It's your fifteen," the guy said. "Want your cinnamon bun?"

"Not really..." Ti replied as her stomach growled.

She made a face. "Fine. I guess I'll take it." She took it and walked over a table, across from the guy.

Norpo started sticking her fork into the food and made her eat some.

<I hate these things...>

<You used to like them,> Norpo replied.

<I know. But I just...>

<Stop being stupid. I'll only make you eat half.>


The lady at the counter had been...familiar. Forlin couldn't quite place it at the time. His memory could be pretty shoddy at times...then he recalled.

He'd known her from the Sharing.

The Andalite gave a shudder, suddenly nervous as he was eating his bun. It was still nice and warm, but it felt like the room had gone cold.

Ti swallowed and when she went to take another bite, the fork dropped.


<What?> Norpo blinked and sort of frowned.

<I only vaguely remember it...but...he was at The Sharing...We showed him around...>

"Shit..." Norpo said. He sighed and stood up, taking the bun with them. "Hi stranger," he said, smiling as he walked over towards the guy.

Oh...shit, Forlin thought. She was coming towards him. He looked up at her, smiled with the lips of his human morph, trying not to look at her head. A head that probably had a Yeerk wrapped around. That's what all the Full Members had, after all. "Hello," he replied. Judging by the fact that she had her bun with her, she wanted to join him.

"Hey, so I remember when you came to The Sharing. I was just wondering if you planned to come back?" He kind of hoped the answer was no.

God he hoped the answer was no.

"Sorry, my friend," Forlin replied. "Turns out the Sharing isn't my cup of tea. I don't mean to offend, I just don't feel like going back anymore." He'd moved on to...other horizons. He didn't of course mention these other horizons. Like...killing Yeerks. Saving the Earth.

"No, I understand," he said with a smile. "I don't mean to intrude, but do you mind if I sit down?"

<This isn't awkward...> Ti muttered.

<I have to pretend I'm going to try and get him back...unfortunately...>

"Yeah, I went to uni and got pretty much busy...been a while since I've been to the mall." He was relieved to hear her response...though part of him was paranoid. Would they try and grab him in the night? They knew his human name and identity; he'd been registered as an Associate Member for a time. "Go for it. 'tis a free world, after all," Forlin replied. She would probably notice how nervous he seemed, despite his smile. He licked some sticky icing from his fingers and took another drink of coffee.

They sat across from him. "Thanks. Oh, wow, that's cool. I'm trying to get my Associate's myself. What did you major in?"

He frowned a little. "Everything okay? You look a little nervous."

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