Race: Hork-Bajir

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Standing at about seven feet tall, Hork-Bajir are a fierce looking race. With a dense bone structure and highly muscled bodies, they are capable of great speeds and can jump extraordinarily high as well as being highly adept at climbing things. Their skin is leathery with a greenish tone and their powerful limbs are tipped with sharp talons while their tails have a spiked end. Atop their rather snake-like necks sits a somewhat bird-like head, complete with a sharp beak. The most fearsome feature of the Hork-Bajir, however, are their blades. These are present along the top of their heads, the underside of their wrists and elbows, and the backs of their knees and ankles. The head blades are notable in particular as they are used to tell apart the different genders: male Hork-Bajir have three blades while females have only two.

Despite their fierce appearance and their history as one of the first race enslaved by the Yeerks, which left them relegated to shock troops, the Hork-Bajir are a naturally peaceful species. Before their enslavement, they did not even understand the concept of violence or fighting as they have very simplistic minds (similar to a human toddler). The original purpose of their fearsome looking blades was to strip the bark off the 100 to 1,300 foot trees on their homeworld as their food source.

It is not common knowledge that the Hork-Bajir were created by the original inhabitants of the planet called the Arn, a race now extinct along with the Hork-Bajir that had remained free of the Yeerks after the initial invasion (the latter of which were destroyed by the Quantum Virus released by War Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass). They created the species to look after the huge trees of their world after an asteroid struck the planet, altering the atmosphere and geography, which caused the Arn to create the extremely large trees and their tenders. It was their doing that the Hork-Bajir have such limited intelligence but they could not weed it out entirely and, periodically, what the Hork-Bajir call a Seer will appear amongst them (one in ten thousand is the estimate). Possessed of higher intelligence than their brethren, Seers are often looked to in times of trouble. There have been two known Seers in the last four generatons of Hork-Bajir: Dak Hamee and his great-granddaughter, Toby Hamee.

While many Hork-Bajir are still under the enslavement of the Yeerks, there is a small group of free Hork-Bajir that began with the rescue of Jara Hamee and Ket Halpak. While there are those that stay within the hidden valley that is their new home on Earth, there are some who fight alongside the members of the Resistance.

[Image: race_traits.png]

  • Before they were enslaved, the Hork-Bajir were considered a backwards race because of little evidence was had of them possessing art, language, or music. They did, however, have a rich oral culture that was centered around two creator deities, Father Deep and Mother Sky.
  • Divided into tribal groups that were spread across the valleys of their homeworld, each tribe had their own Tribe Tree which was the center of their socialization.
  • Despite their seeming backwards nature, the Hork-Bajir proved adept as they used hollowed out trees known as Speaking Trees for primitive communication across long distances of their homeworld.
  • Hork-Bajir do not see well in the dark but they have an excellent sense of hearing and smell that makes up for the lack.
  • Their blood is a mix of shades of deep red and deeper blue-green.
  • Hork-Bajir are capable of withstanding a great deal of pain and heal quickly from their injuries.
  • Pressing horns together invokes a sensation that is the equivalent of a Hork-Bajir kiss.

[Image: an_language.png]

The Hork-Bajir have little actual language but they did have names for several things and creatures upon their homeworld.

  • Chadoo - A small feathered creature from their homeworld. It was two feet long with a blunt head and covered in deep blue feathers, with fourt short legs and two elongated arms ending in claws. They moved by racing along branches and leaping into the air, using skin flaps that caught the air to glide. Also were apparently herbivores and attracted to a pale, green-yellow liquid from one of the world's trees. Given their similar appearance to the Arn, they were possibly a predecessors of the species.
  • Galilash - One of the Arn's creations. They were fourteen feet tall with reptilian skin and razor tentacles.
  • Gorks - One of the Arn's creations. They were three feet tall and twenty feet across with twelve legs and mouths extending along their sides.
  • Father Deep - One of the Hork-Bajir creator deities. He gives soil and water. It is the depths of the world and the hiding places of the Arn as well as the residence of many creatures they created to keep the Hork-Bajir at bay.
  • Jubba-Jubba - One of the Arn's creations. They were obviously huge and had massive three-fingered hands
  • Lerdethak - One of the Arn's creations. They looked like hundreds of vines attached to a blue-rimmed mouth.
  • Mislit - A part of the Stoola tree on the Hork-Bajir homeworld. The bark between it and the lowest branches was what helped the tree grow.
  • Mother Sky - One of the Hork-Bajir creator deities. She gives air and light. It is stated at night that she shows her flowers, or stars.
  • Nawin - A type of tree on the Hork-Bajir homeworld. Very old members of these trees were used as the Speaking Trees, which were created via three water soaked vines stretched between high and low branches. One was ten times the height of a Hork-Bajir, one seven times, and the last five times. Two Hork-Bajir then climbed onto the branches of these trees with a long, straight sapling and drew it across the vines to create the sounds.
  • Stoola - A type of tree on the Hork-Bajir homeworld. The bark below their lowest branches is too old to eat, that above the lowest but before the mislit is good but harvesting it is bad.
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