Contacting the Visser (Visser Three/Leoff)
Ti practically fell onto the bed, closing her eyes and sighing. "We need to contact Visser Three, don't we?" 

<Yeah. Unfortunately...>

"Wonderful..." She sat up and walked over to make sure the door was locked. 

Then she set something on the floor. and sat down on the bed, activating it. A hologram of a Hork-Bajir appeared. 

"I have a message for Visser Three," Norpo said, sliding into control easily. 

The Hork-Bajir nodded. "What is?" 

"I need to speak to him in person. Tell him Norpo 697 needs to speak to him."

The Visser was, at the time, on his Blade ship.  He had just fed, first his Yeerk self and then his host-body.  And so he was feeling refreshed, and even rather amiable.  There was a stride in his hoof-steps as he made his way to his quarters.  After that, he was looking over some reports, when he got a ping on his console.  Seeing that it was Norpo 697, who had been working on a personal project for him, he pressed the button and her face appeared on-screen.

<Ah, Norpo Six-Nine-Seven.  How goes our little project?>

"Unfortunately, as of right now, I am under surveillance and may not be able to work on the project at this time, Visser Three. It would seem that Sub-Visser Fifteen is being scrutinized for his failure at the loss of the host breeding station."

He chewed on her lip, trying to think of a round-about way to say this. "Unfortunately, he also is being watched by an inspector. I do not know much more, but I know he has the authority to force me to do a memory dump, if necessary, because I was on a routine assignment there when, to quote the humans, 'all hell broke loose'."

Esplin narrowed his host's eyes slightly. He didn't like it when things were delayed. Norpo's reasons were valid, however. And Inspectors were dangerous -- he'd on various occasions had to deal with them. <See that you get yourself out of this situation as soon as possible, Norpo,> he said simply.

Then something came to mind. He knew the Sub-Visser; she was one of the few Yeerks he'd found to be reliable when he was a Sub-Visser on the Taxxon homeworld. She had in fact been giving him information about the host-breeding station; one could say she was spying, but there was nothing wrong with one Imperial Yeerk sharing information with another. Unless they were reporting to some filthy traitor like Visser One. Leoff had failed? That was...a shame. Or was this another Sub-Visser Fifteen?

<I thought Sub-Visser Fifteen was a she,> he said.

Norpo swallowed. <I can't tell when he's more person or over the comm...>

<Somehow it's over the comm...I don't know why,> Ti replied.

"Of course, Visser. I will do my best to do so."

He nodded in reply. "She was. However, the sub-visser has had a would, uh, seem that you are not the only Andalite Controller anymore..."

"You are not the only Andalite Controller anymore..."

The words rung in his mind, his eyes narrowing further as he queried of himself if he had heard her right. He was not the only one...for decades, he had been. And now the inevitable happened. Esplin had anticipated this would eventually happen. Another Yeerk would take an Andalite host. His tail twitched slightly, hands balling into fists.

He calmed down a bit when he thought about who it was that had taken this Andalite. Leoff 568, who had served underneath him on the Taxxon homeworld, and when he had been Visser Thirty-Two. Whom he could always rely on to not fail him. He'd have to keep her in line...and he could easily convince the Council, because his reasoning for bringing the other Andalite-Controller to Earth would be sound. He could keep an eye on her, replace her if she failed or if she showed herself to not be loyal.

<Thank you, Norpo, for bringing this to my attention. I would like to speak with the Sub-Visser. Would you retrieve her?>

Ti sort of inadvertently scooted back on the bed when she saw the visser's reaction.

But it was fortunately short-lived. "Um...I can. If you do not mind waiting a moment."

He shot out of her room and closed the door, leaving Visser Three's channel still open. <How in hell do we find a--blue alien that no one else has a host that looks like? Gee, I don't know, Norpo? Maybe ask?!>

<Stop talking to yourself, Norpo. People will think you're weird.>

It put a grim smile on her face as Norpo walked her quickly, asking a few people where the sub-visser was.

"Docking bay. Thanks," he said, literally shoving the Hork-Bajir they had asked aside and running towards it.

"Sub-Visser! I..he....Visser quarters..." She leaned against a wall, huffing a bit. The station wasn't exactly small. Especially since she had gone the wrong way. She took a deep breath. "Visser Three needs to speak with you. I was communicating with him in my quarters."

With the traitor...dealt with, the Inspector was leading Leoff and Vorara to his personal ship. It was smaller than a Blade ship, but larger than a Bug fighter. It packed more punch than a fighter, for sure. She was eager to see what it looked like on the inside. It was certainly top of the line. An Inspector was second only to the Council...

But then suddenly, Norpo came running, his host-body panting from the exertion. Leoff followed him with a stalk-eye as he came running up to her, and leaned against the wall to catch his breath. Visser Three wanted to see her? It had been a while since she had spoken with him. He was an old friend, but was he going to take this well? She had been planning to tell him...but this had put a kink in her planning on how to reveal it to the first of the Andalite-Controllers. Sarial, meanwhile, was intrigued to see how the Abomination was taking this...

And she wondered what Norpo was talking to Visser Three alone in his quarters for.

"Patch him through to the ship," the Inspector said to Norpo, beckoning them both inside.

<You'd best do what he says,> Leoff said with a nod. <He is an Inspector.> And with that title would surely come fear...the fear that a direct servant of the Empire would command, even being an unknown. And being the one who could order her memory dumped at the drop of a hat.

The Hork-Bajir-Controller led them inside of his ship. It still had a new smell to it. It was dark and elegant on the inside, with its lights casting a dim green glow. There was a chair and a weapons console suited to a Hork-Bajir, as well as a piloting station fitted out so that it could either be manned by a Taxxon or a human. There was a viewscreen, and that was where the hologram of Visser Three would soon be appearing.
[Image: leoff_sig.png]

"Yes, sir," Norpo replied. He swallowed, but followed them onto the ship. They were both in awe of it, and Norpo wondered how he could get the specs to such a vessel.

<Why, so you can masturbate to them?> Ti asked sarcastically. She was nervous, too, because the Inspector could find out everything from them, easily, and tended to get snippy when nervous.

<So we can give them to the Resistance,> Norpo replied, trying to make his voice sound calm. But it was a little shaky.

It didn't help that the visser was more intimidating on hologram, somehow, because it seemed he knew he could do no physical harm to Norpo over hologram, despite many death-threats in person.

He walked over to the control panels and her fingers flew across the keyboard. "Patching him through, now."

When the image appeared, he said, "Visser Three. This is Sub-Visser Fifteen's and his new host. The Inspector wished to speak with you, also."

He was waiting for too long.

Esplin did not shift in impatience however. His host body did not even twitch. The fact that he was waiting impatiently was still palpable despite that and that was likely felt on the other side of the transmission as his view of the room abruptly changed to that of a vessel.

< Eldra Four-Seven-One, > he greeted as he saw the Inspector, the main eyes of his host slightly narrowed. He then shifted his gaze to the Andalite, drifting over Norpo with a brief acknowledgment of his presence.

His host knew this Andalite.

< Sarial-Langor-Donraff, > Esplin noted with what was supposed to be a chuckle but only sounded menacing. < How interesting that it would be you that would be taken by Sub-Visser Fifteen. >

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