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Galadha had a different childhood than several of her peers from the simple fact that both of her parents were in the fields of science and technology. Her father was an engineer, mostly fixing the engines and other inner workings of fighters or frigates. Her mother was a botanist, working with both plants of their homeworld as well as those from others. Through the both of them, she grew up with a deep respect for both of the fields.

When she was young, she found a kafit fledgling out of it's nest, weak and nearly dying. Galadha carefully nursed it back to health, earning a few nips from the razor-sharp beak over time until the little bird began to trust her. By the time the kafit was ready to be released, they had become attached to each other and it would not leave. So Galadha named it Kaciel and with it's rescue a lifelong interest was spawned.

Some of her former childhood playmates mocked her as her interest in the medical field formed but Galadha had little time or patience for them. She found in solace in figuring out who their bodies worked, how to both take them apart and put them back together with the same focused fascination her father had with engines. Then she expanded her knowledge onward to other alien species, devouring as much as she was able to get her hands on.

When she became a full Medic, her first assignment was on their homeworld, learning at the side of an old and somewhat crotchety male, Galas-Esgarrouth-Hithurch. She called him "Old Ram" since he was 'firm as old ramonite' and he dubbed her "Quiet Steel" by her demeanor alone. Her taking his little jibes and jabs in stride found some sort of common ground with him, which caused him to pull her in close often. He taught her a great deal that she had never learned before and she gives the credit for her quality of work to him long after she left his tutelage and he died. His nickname for her somehow managed to follow her even then.

For the past six years, she has been assigned to the frigate Farociar as one of it's two chief medics. Her quiet and sometimes cold demeanor can disturb some but anyone that has been injured and treated by her is quick to say that "Quiet Steel" will defend a patient under her care with a fierceness of three warriors.

Terion / Central / DISCORD (TERION#7636)


Andalite doctor! <3 She kinda makes me think of Doctor Bashir from DS9!

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