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< Perhaps it is simply that you are not amusing, human, > Nidoir replied stiffly. He did relax a little at the comment that she would never actually eat a sentient being. The very concept was highly disturbing!

He then tilted his head curiously at her gesture before stating firmly, < If we wished you dead, human, you would be dead. I am not certain what these so-called powers that be have to do with anything since they are not here. Our Captain wished for you to be cared for and that includes keeping you alive in all situations. >

Nidoir then shifted his weight on his back hooves. < I will go see if there is anything. It will only be a moment, human. >
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"It's..." Leona began to explain but quickly reconsidered. What was the point of trying to explain anything to a humorless andalite she'd probably never say more then two words to ever again. After a moment she simply gave a dismissive wave of her hand.

"Fine, whatever. I'd much rather know how much longer I'm going to be considered a prisoner." Despite what hospitalities they might of been offer it didn't blind her to the fact that she was still being held in a room that felt very much like a cell.
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Tone of voice wasn't typically a thing that Nidoir had to consider given that Andalite thoughtspeak didn't have an actual sound. He, however, had had to get a vague grasp on tone since the escalation of the war efforts as they captured Hork-Bajir and Humans who spoke audibly. Anandir was far better at it than he was but even he could tell that there was something slightly off.

< Of that I do not know, human, > he slowly began. < Your situation is...delicate. We also do not have the habit of keeping our prisoners for long. >

They usually ended up dead, unfortunately, as the Yeerks forced their hosts to attack. Those that didn't...well, he wasn't sure what happened to them. They handed them off and then never thought about it again.

Nidoir let out a huff of breath through his nostrils before he went on, < It is possible that the situation has changed, human. Given what you gave to us. Your status, however, is up to the Captain. >

He turned to leave then but stopped, thinking for a moment. Then he softly said, < My name is Nidoir-Vidir-Ingorn. >
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Well at least this andalite was honest enough not deny that she was in fact a prisoner. The idea had the wild redhead wonder how it made the andalites any different from the captors she'd previously escaped. As much as she would have liked to delude herself into thinking all the yeerk's stereotyping of their enemy was just propaganda, Leona had witnessed far too much to be so naive, even as young as she still was. At least she could never be under the andalite's full control as she'd been under Nxion's. Still though, the marginal amount of freedom she'd been given didn't stop her from wanting more. Until she was fully free the human's mind would always be looking for a means of escape.

Suddenly Leona found her train of thought interrupted by an unexpected introduction. Those emerald eyes gave a few curious blinks, caught off guard as to why Nidoir saw fit to give the formality of his name, not that Leona was about to complain. "I'm Leona Marie Cabbell." She returned the introduction deciding it best to use her full name as andalites did, afterall, when in Rome... Seeming to realize just how overly formal her full name sounded Leona rolled her eyes at herself as she added. "My friends call me Leo... Back when I had friends."
[Image: mpRN3x.png]

Nidoir offered her a slight 'smile' in return for her full name (at least he assumed it was her full name, humans had many variations from what he knew of them) before saying, < Perhaps you will have them again, human. >

He then asked, < What is the proper name to use for yourself? >

If he was going to be the one dealing with her, he needed something more to call her than 'human' all the time. The name she preferred would suffice.
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