The Dome Ship MoonBlossom
Convincing Andalites to trust anyone who happened to be on board a yeerk ship was apparently asking way too much. Even passing a bio scan didn't seem to win them any favors. Not that Leona could blame them. Sending an uninfested voluntary host to spy on the andalites actually wouldn't have been a bad strategy. Afterall, Leona and Grel had made it onto their ship. For a second Leona couldn't hello but wondered if any yeerk had thought of that one yet. Stop strategising for the enemy! Leona mentally scolded herself. No wonder she was in an interrogation room. After so many years of enslavement Leona's head was so messed up she was beginning to question even her own loyalties.

Leona took a slow breath, forcing herself to relax. She had nothing to hide, right? Afterall, the andalites weren't her enemy... Where they? Sitting back in her seat Leona slouched a little, getting comfortable. If her interrogator was even half as arrogant as the majority of andalites she'd met so far, then this was going to be a very long conversation.
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Grel wished she hadn't agreed to go to the Andalites.  They had killed off her people.  They were also the reason the Yeerks had invaded in the first place.  They were arrogant and they didn't care about anything but themselves.  The only people she disliked more were the Yeerks of the Empire.

Grel was tired.  While she waited for her interrogator, she slept.  She wanted to be off of this ship as soon as possible, but she doubted that would happen.  Hruthin scum.  If only she could have gone with Tia and Norpo.

Anandir-Treas-Derentan 'frowned' as he tapped the back of the data tablet against his knuckles. He was watching the human sitting insisde of the interrogation room, pondering how exactly he was going to begin this.

All of the information he'd been given said that the female and the Hork-Bajir accompanying her had been given multiple bio scans for a Yeerk presence. There were the obvious signs that they had been infested but there certainly was no longer the actual presence of a Yeerk inside their heads. That did not mean, of course, that they were not a danger.

He had once witnessed a host they had freed - a young Hork-Bajir, far too young to have been taken by one of those things - viciously attack and kill the Andalite who had released him. Anandir had drawn his Shredder without hesitating even as the others were in some shock and killed him. It was a lesson that had truly taught him the cruelty of the Yeerks, that they would twist one so young.

He had no feelings towards the simplistic race in particular but he had looked at his sister's young child after returning and seen what could happen if they became lax in their war.

Sighing, he turned to look at his fellow interrogator and asked, < You are prepared? >

Nidoir-Vidir-Ingorn, who was perhaps the broadest and most heavily musucled Andalite he had ever met, merely 'smiled' with his eyes and chuckled in Anandir's head.

< I am prepared to be the blade against their throat, as always, > he replied with some amusement. < Surely a Hork-Bajir will be a simple task. You will need far more luck with the human, Anandir. >

He merely tilted his head in reply, tapping the tablet against his knuckles one more time, before saying, < Then shall we, > as he palmed the door lock for the human's room. On the opposite site of the Dome Ship's hallway, he heard Nidoir doing the same and then he was inside the room.

Anandir let his eyes drift over the human female as he strode into the room, coming to stand with his arms folded and the tablet held against his ribs. He shifted into a psuedo-relaxed position, one that often led his enemies into a sense of safety when there was little but such and waited.

He would let her come to him first. He needed an understanding of this human before he began anything.

- - - - - - - - - -

In the other room, Nidoir strode in like he was going to war, with his tail high and his hands clenched into fists. The strides of his hooves were hard until he came to a stop with his hooves planted solidly against the floor and stared at the Hork-Bajir.

< Let us begin, > he stated with an eye-smile that was somehow grim.
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They were keeping her prisoner, but it she could move her arms and legs.  Was it any different from the Yeerks?  Yes, it seemed...just a little bit.

The Hork-Bajir had been pacing the room while she waited for the Andalite interrogator.  She was enjoying her freedom nonetheless.  She looked up when he entered – the biggest Andalite she'd ever seen.  She wasn't surprised they'd sent him.  She was large for a Hork-Bajir, herself.  That was why Leoff had hand-picked her.

"Grel Dermot," she said, patting her chest with a claw.  "Yeerk was Leoff, Sub-Visser Fifteen.  Second command in breed station," she said.  "Freed when Yeerk took hruthin."   She spoke in a garbled mixture of Galard, Hork-Bajir, and English.  Though the Andalite's translator would surely do its job.

Leona remained seated as the door opened. She did lean forward a little though, hopping to catch a glimpse of Grel. Though there was no logical reason for the andalites to be hostile with either of them, in hindsight Leona realized she didn't really know too much about andalites. She didn't really know much about Grel outside of Leoff's control either, for that matter. There was no way of knowing how the hork-bajir would react if they interrogated her too aggressively. Regardless, Leona knew it was out of her hands now. She'd simply have to trust Grel to keep her cool, Leona had her own problem to deal with.

For several seconds that felt like minuets Leona simply watched the andalite watching her. After a second it would seem obvious Leona was sizing Anandir up just as much as he was sizing her up. Leona allowed this stand off to continue for a moment before a smile broke her lips. The human couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of the situation. Finally she spoke, seeming oddly amused at just how tense they were both making this seem. "Humans have this saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So..." She nodding toward Anandir with her next word to make it clear she was indicating him. "Friend." Shifting to sit up straight Leona purposefully made herself look more ridged and proper. Folding her hands on the table before, Leona looked as though she were ready to make some kind of businesses deal. "How can I help you deal damage to our common enemy?"
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Even Nidoir, who was a veteran of many battles as a warrior as well as several more victories when he had put his bulk to use as an interrogator, was thrown off by the information that all too easily spilled from the Hork-Bajir. Typically, even with the freed hosts of her kind, he had to at least do some work for information. Given her size, he'd expected a fight, which was also why he had been assigned to her.

He blinked once but did not relax his stance as he repeated part of the information.

< You were the host of a Sub-Visser, > he said slowly, certain he'd picked up the right words via his translator. It wasn't having hard time with the individual words but making three different languages into a coherent sentence was a feat. < Freed when your Yeerk took a...what? >

Nidoir took a heavy step forward as he practically growled in thought-speak, < Where did your Yeerk find an Andalite to infest? > He was practically vibrating with sudden rage, his tail and shoulders tense with the sudden need to strike. Had they truly allowed another Abomination to occur?

- - - - - - - - - -

Anandir gave the Andalite equivalent of arching an eyebrow as one eye stalk dipped slightly before he said tentatively, < Such is an interesting phrase but I have found that often all enemies remain enemies no matter how hard one tries. >

He hadn't expected quite so...polite...a response. Usually he walked in and got shouting within the first few moments.

This one...this one was smart.

A challenge.

'Smiling' grimly, he asked in reply to her question, < There is little that has given us the impression that you and the Hork-Bajir are little more than possible spies, human. >
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"Andalite," Grel replied simply, and the Andalite lost his cool.  It seemed he'd already realised what the word was; it had already translated.  He was so insulted that the Yeerks had taken one of his kind.  Grel's people were all slaves of the Yeerks.  It angered her, this Andalite.  As he raised his tailblade, so did she too raise her blades, defensively.  She felt a prickling in the back of her neck from her fear as she backed up from the Andalite, her red eyes meeting his main eyes.

She answered, "Andalite come to blow up station.  Andalite turn into Hork-Bajir.  Leeran knock out Andalite.  Leoff press Grel's ear to him.  After that, Grel freed.  Attacked sub-visser.  Thought she was dead.  But she order troops to kill Grel and Leona."

Even being as simple as she was she knew not to mention Tia and Norpo.  The Andalites wouldn't understand.  She was feeling winded from all that talking, and pasued to take a breath.

Leona's brows furrowed in confusion. Giving a quick shake of her head Leona seemed to be trying to shake some nonsense out of her ear. "I'm sorry, bu' did you jus' sugges' tha' our kind are enemies?" Leaning sat back in her seat Leona feigning shock for a second, clearly enjoying the opportunity her interrogator had given her to mock him. "I'm afraid I mus' have missed tha' war. Did we star' it? Humans are such violen' creatures, all that pent up predatory instincts. When was this war? One tends to loose track of time with a parasite on the brain." One could hear Leona's jaw tightening as she spoke the last sentence, that Australian accent sounding heavier as her anger fumed, nearly spitting the word parasite from her lips. "I know my words are abou' to fall on def ears, bu' maybe your people should considered lookin for allies, instead of assumin everyone's your enemy?"

And then he dared to suggest that she and Grel were spies. Finally Leona lost it, the mentally damaged human simply couldn't help herself. Leona suddenly busted with laughter, as though Anandir had told the universe most absurd joke. She was laughing so hard she could barely breath. Finally after managing to calm herself the auburn haired human seemed to realize  Anandir wasn't laughing with her. "Oh, your serious?" She said sounding genuinely surprised. Which only caused her to erupt into another fit of laughter. "You really are a special kind of stupid if you think I'd willfully serve a lowly parasite..." Leona finally muttered once her laughter died down again.
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< And I am simply supposed to believe you? > sneered Anandir. He took a single step forward as he continued, < I have witnessed those that the Yeerks have broken, the pain and destruction that they have caused when they were set free. I am not inclined to believe the word of anyone, not even my own kind, if they were taken and then freed. Let alone you, human. >

He kept his eye stalks on her as he tilted his head towards the door he'd entered through, idly tapping the tablet against his ribs. Anandir was silent for a moment before he said quietly, < From what I have learned of your kind, war is no stranger to you. You wage it for a multitude of reasons, many of them beyond the pale of our understanding. Your wars in the name of...gods...for example. >

< What makes you think that we would ally with such a race that they wage war upon their own over what the other believes? > he asked. < With a race that has barely even touched the stars? > His tone shifted to disgust in the last sentence and he shook his head dissmissively. < No, human, we learned our lesson in that. We will not make the same mistake again. >

'Smiling', Anandir added softly, < And you are a special kind of fool, human, if you think I would so easily believe you to be free simply because that thing is no longer wrapped around the inside of your skull. >

- - - - - - - - - -

Nidoir tensed, his tail twitching, as the Hork-Bajir lifted her blades but his sharp eye quickly registered what it was. Defense. She was reacting to him. Countering. Expecting an attack.

He let out a long breath through his nose and sought out calm. There had never been a moment in his career as an interrogator that he had attacked someone he'd been set upon first. He had always let them come to him and he wasn't about to break that record. All that would end up with is the possibility of ending up back on the front lines of the war since dismissal from the military was an impossibility.

He already carried enough scars from war.

Calmed again, Nidoir focused all four eyes on the Hork-Bajir and said, < Do not lie to me, Hork-Bajir. I will know. >

He then asked, < This station, what was it? What would be so important to be destroyed? >
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Grel took another deep breath. She continued, answering the Andalite's questions. "No need to lie. Grel hate Yeerks. Station for breeding. Humans and Hork-Bajir. Why important? Many, many hosts. Bodies for new Yeerks."

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