Allerna was a young protege in technology.

A genius, to be honest.

She dealt with other Andalites snickering behind her back, teasing her to her face about how a young girl must have been stupid and just gotten lucky with her first real creation. A hover-board of sorts. She was very proud of it, and thought everyone would use it as a new way to travel.

After all it was fast and fairly easily maneuverable, plus it would fold up into an easily carried cube when not in use. It also had a GPS of sorts programmed in, for exploration on alien planets.

When she went to show it off, she accidentally propelled it into a tree after dodging the first few, but still, it was enough.

But one day, it all got to her. She ran into the woods, trying to think of something. Anything but her school. When she met to a young vecol.

His name was Zephrin. She was fascinated by him.

He was not only a sweet guy, but the lack of half his tail was what really inspired her.

She began to create a tail for him--complete with blade. First was the chip for him to be able to use it. Next was the tail itself. The first few times failed. First it was way too heavy, then the blade wasn't sharp enough...It was tough, but eventually she found the right material to build the prosthetic with.

Adding artificial fur to it was probably the toughest part, as she wasn't good with constructing such a thing.

Fortunately, between the two, they were able to figure out how to get the artificial skin onto the tail.

Then came the morphing.

Her father was a Prince, who did have a cube. So she stole it one night to give to Zephrin. He acquired the ability, though her mother did catch her putting it back.

When asked, she lied and said she just wanted to see if she could replicate it without her father knowing. Her mother let her off with a warning not to do it again, and made sure her father put it somewhere she couldn't find it.

After multiple attempts to morph with the tail, Zephrin was about to give up on his dream of joining the Andalite Academy, but Allerna kept putting the prosthetic back together and encouraging him to try again.

Finally it worked.

They were so excited, that Allerna kissed him for the first time.

Well, it was more than just a normal kiss. She threw her arms around him and literally rubbed her cheek against his.

He fainted.

She never lets him forget that, even now.

Allerna had Zephrin teach her how to tail-fight after he was through training. She's fairly decent with her tail-blade, but there are still moves that, as with anyone, she needs to work on. But she has to do it in secret.

She eventually found herself working with an Andalite named Shalaren. She was working on a project to modify the escafil device. It was a fascinating project, and she loves every minute of it. She tends to do more of the modifications to the device itself, rather than the actual idea of what the device should do.

Allerna recently asked Zephrin to marry her.

She remembers him getting flustered and then asking her to marry him because it was more traditional, but he had been too afraid to ask because of his disability.

She laughed and said yes.

They are both on the Dome ship now, as Zephrin is a warrior, and Allerna is working with Shalaren.



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