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Jeanne Gerard was born in île-de-france as the middle child of three girls.  From the beginning, she had a fascination with people and how they think and interact with one another, and would often pit her sisters against each other to get her way.  These behaviors got her into trouble more than a few times at school, but she always received good grades nonetheless.  Her education took her into criminal psychology and business, and landed her a job with RAID, where she studied terrorism and worked as a hostage negotiator for the highest levels of French counterterrorism.  

Eventually, she transferred to a job as a field agent in the DGSE: the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Exterieure, often mistakenly called Deuxième.  She assisted with a number of investigations for a time, until she was finally called upon to focus all her resources to one major task.  A number of politicians in the UK were pushing the agenda of an organization called “The Sharing” and it was putting certain people ill at ease.  Admittedly, it seemed harmless.  Dirt was nigh-impossible to dig up anywhere.  However, its cultlike atmosphere, as well as the fact that so many different politicians across the Atlantic were pushing it so heavily after one exposure, had the intelligence community worried about some sort of power grabbing or puppeteering.  Thus, Jeanne and a team of field agents were sent by several countries to investigate the Sharing at its source: Hollywood.

It was there that, in the middle of an operation, Jeanne stumbled upon the truth; the Sharing was a front for extraterrestrials to cover their slow but steady invasion. As she was collecting evidence, her colleagues suddenly warned her that there was an urgent notice from her command: she had a burn notice on her, she was blacklisted.  When you’re burned, you’ve got nothing.  No cash, no credit, no job history.  You’re stuck in whatever city they decided to dump you in (such as Santa Barbara).  She did whatever work came her way, and relied on anyone who was willing to talk to her.  The trigger-happy members of the local resistance, an Andalite contact who was informing on the situation to their high command, even a peace movement within the enemy ranks, if she was desperate.

Bottom line, until she could take out the alien menace that got her burned, she wasn’t going anywhere.

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Fucking BLESS YOU for using the Burn Notice opener. I love it.

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Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,
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