At the Yeerk Space Station [Norpo/Vorara/Open to Yeerks]
Leoff was awakened from her sleep as they were dropping from zero-space.  She had already loaded the files she had compiled to her personal mobile device, which she had attached to her arm.  As well as the backups from the host breeding station, which she would also give to the Inspector.  Not everything was lost.

She made her way to the bridge as they were heading towards the station.  She oversaw the docking herself, she didn't have to but she wanted to show she was a dutiful Yeerk.  And she did enjoy having them see her Andalite body in their mixture of envy and disgust.  Some of them were repulsed at the notion of seeing an Andalite before them but others were in awe.  She was the second Andalite-Controller, though she would not deny the first his glory.  She had taken the enemy and lived to talk about it.

The ship docked successfully, and Leoff stepped through the airlock.  The Inspector would be waiting here for would an old friend.  She noticed the room she'd stepped into devoid of people save for some two bulky Hork-Bajir with Blue Bands on their shoulders, and a slightly shorter male Hork-Bajir.  "Leoff Five-Six-Eight," the smaller Hork-Bajir-Controller said, stepping forward.  "I am the Inspector.  And your Andalite host--impressive."  Leoff bowed respectfully.  The Hork-Bajir scoffed.  "No need to be so formal, Leoff.  Now, come."  He beckoned her to the door, and she began to walk alongside him, flanked by the guards.  "There was a Taxxon-Controller waiting for you."

<Vorara 669, most likely,> Leoff replied.  Her hearts were beating fast in her chest.  She was nervous, despite this Controller seeming so...nice.  Not uptight at all.  In fact, Leoff could be considered a more uptight Yeerk than this one was.  <I would trust her with my life.>

"Interesting," he said.  "Then she can come with us, if you trust her that much.  This will all be your operation -- I am merely a messenger.  And a watcher. Ah, yes...the traitor?"

<<Is in bio-stasis on the Blade ship,>> Leoff reported, keeping her thought-speak private.

The Hork-Bajir nodded. "Yes. Good."

Human, Hork-Bajir, Taxxon, and Gedd heads turned and stared at the Controllers.  Mainly at the Blue Bands and the Andalite; the Inspector's Hork-Bajir host was oddly average in appearance, when in comparison to these three.  The space station was mostly clean, and people were busily working once they realised they were staring.  Leoff wondered where Vorara would be, but she would recognise the host, as long as she was still in her Taxxon.
[Image: leoff_sig.png]

Vorara was gorging herself on a Taxxon that had accidentally nicked itself against a Hork-Bajir's blade.

She was one of about three--which had originally included the injured Taxxon himself. She knew she should be waiting for Sub-Visser Fifteen, but at the same time she was so hungry.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw an Andalite and a Hork-Bajir walking. God, did she wonder what an Andalite tasted like.

If only she had been there when Elfangor was killed.

<Vorara!> Leoff called. <It is Leoff. Over here. Once you, ah, finish your meal.> Leoff was...sort of used to seeing Taxxons gorge everything in sight. It was unsightly, but it was a part of an Imperial's world. She wondered what it was like to have that insatiable hunger. Was it ever satisfied, even for a moment?

She was certain that Vorara would be quite surprised at her new host.
[Image: leoff_sig.png]

Well, that was a combination of joy and sadness. A part of her had hoped that the Andalite was going for execution.

Still, she was glad Leoff had gotten a new host. She wondered how Andalites ate, and what their taste-buds were like.

Still, she continued to gorge herself until the Taxxon was gone. "Hello, Leoff. Nicccce hossst." She crawled over towards Leoff, still trying to lick off a bit of flesh from between her teeth.

Norpo maneuvered the Bug Fighter into the docking bay.

When they landed, he stepped out into a crowd of people, all talking about a new Andalite host.

<Shit,> Ti snapped mentally. <Thought that bastard burned.>

<Unfortunately, we need to go find him to report that Hork-Bajir and Visser Six's host's death.>

"Where is the Andalite Controller?" he asked, grabbing a random human.

The other human glared at them but pointed them in the right direction.

They headed off towards where the sub-visser was supposed to be.

It was good to see that Vorara still had her Taxxon host. That she was alive, even. She was smart in those regards, keeping herself from being injured. <It is good to see you, Vorara,> she replied. <And yes -- one of only two Andalites ever infested by a Yeerk. His name is Sarial.> The Andalite-Controller smirked.

Out of the corner of her stalk-eye she noticed Norpo's host. She blinked, as the Controller made her way over to her. <<This was the tech I assigned to the station to countermand the self-destruct,>> she told the Inspector and Vorara privately. <<I would have thought she'd save the station or die trying.>> Had Leoff been a tech, that was what she had done. If she wasn't in so valuable a host as an Andalite. She did not fear death...she feared failure.

<Norpo,> she said. <I see you made it.>
[Image: leoff_sig.png]

"Hello, Sub-Visser," she said, smirking and cocking her hip, putting her hand on it. "Sorry about the station."

She smirked, looking over Leoff's new body, obviously. "Nice body. I'm jealous" she winked. "Figured you'd want a full report.."

"She looks deliciousss..." Vorara hissed. "Then again...everyone doesss..."

She let out a laugh and scuttled behind the woman, sort of half-wrapped around her. "Hello there..." she hissed, feeling the human's legs tense up. It made her want to laugh. She could practically smell the fear coming off of her.

Watching the human sweat as the Taxxon-Controller scurried around her amused Leoff quite a bit, though she didn't show it in her host's expression. Swinging a stalk-eye to the Hork-Bajir, she replied, <I would indeed like a full report. This way. You may come with us, Vorara,> she added to the Taxxon-Controller.

<And this,> she said, motioning to the Hork-Bajir-Controller, <is an Inspector, sent by the Councilor of Thirteen.>

"I am here to observe," the Hork-Bajir Inspector replied. He hadn't even given his Yeerk name and number...he was just 'the Inspector,' Leoff supposed. He led the Controllers to a room where it was quiet. A sort of...meeting room. Unfortunately for Vorara, the only thing close to food in here was a pot of coffee...which only one in their group would probably benefit from.
[Image: leoff_sig.png]

She stepped forward, sort of trying to escape the Taxxon and stood right in front of the Andalite. She could feel the Controller's breath on her skin. "I look forward to it. Sub-Visser," she said with a smile, casting a glance at the Inspector.

She followed Leoff, still with that smirk she was famous for on her face. When they entered the conference room, she glanced at the pot of coffee. She was tired, to say the least. And thirsty. "You mind? My host is a bit...parched from the trip. I'm sure you can understand."

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