Chillin' at the Mall
The mall, always an enjoyable place to spend his time while hew as in human morph.  He was in his younger morph, a human female.  He figured that was the best since it was after school and there were plenty of those around.  The food court was always a...dangerous place for an Andalite in human morph, but Forlin figured that he could handle it.  He would eat a lot, of that he had no doubt.  He'd gotten some Panda Express, and a soda.  Before that, he'd eaten a pizza.

He still didn't have a job and so he was pretty much living off the charity of his adoptive grandmother.  At least she was generous, because he looked after her, ran errands for her, and did chores.

"I suppose that could be considered a job," he mumbled.  Then he played with the word.  "Ob.  Obbbbb.  Ob."  He walked with his tray to the table, and then started to eat.  He wasn't gorging himself, but enjoying the flavours.  He drank from his soda, a mixture of all the sodas available from the machine.  A 'suicide,' they called it.  They'd called it that back in the 90's, too.  "Mmm, eggrolls.  Rollz."  As he did this, he was reading things on his phone.  Mostly weird subreddits, and his Tumblr dash.

"Tumblr is sooo full of whining," he grumbled. He saw something on the Tumblr that made him laugh.  "Hah.  I'm not even mad, I'm lightly salted.  That's a new one."

Nichole was walking with her phone resting against her shoulder. "Yes, Mom...yes, I promise I'll be over at Ti's by 9. I you, too...Bye."

She sort of balanced the tray and hung up the phone, shoving it in her pocket when she nearly bumped into someone.

She spun like the dancer she was, but her footing was a bit off, so she tripped and went sprawling as her tray slammed into a nearby table, spilling her food and drink all over the place.

She stood up, flushed with embarrassment. "I'm so sorry. I...can I buy you something to replace that?"

Forlin's eyes widened as food went flying all over him. And soda. "Sticky. Stickeeeeee. But no need to waste good food. Foooooooood. Ood. Ood like in Doctor Who? I can properly dispose of all of this spilled food. No need to cry over it, as the idiom goes." He picked up nachos off of the table and started eating.

Then he noticed who it was, and he grinned, nachos still in his mouth. "Oh, hi, Nichole!"

<<It's Forlin,>> he said privately in thought-speak. It was so convenient, not to have to whisper. <<This is my other human morph.>> He was trying to be 'human'...but of course. Food!!!

"Sit down, you can share some of my food. The unspilled food, because I'm sure you're particular about the stuff that spilled everywhere. I can take care of that." To demonstrate, he picked up another nacho, and shoved it into his mouth. "But I'll be right back. The stickiness is bugging me. Watch my things, please? And enjoy the food. Hopefully you like Chinese. Eeeeese." He darted off towards the bathroom. He was quick to just put water all over himself, and returned with some wet paper towels to wipe the sticky soda off of the table.

"Oh yeah! I started watching Invader Zim!" He made his best Gir impression. "I love this show..."

Nichole smiled back awkwardly. "Hey," she replied, not sure to what to call him now that he was a girl.

A part of her wondered why he was morphed as a girl, but the other part was still embarrassed about the accident. "Oh, thanks." She sat down. " About the sticky. And I love Chinese."

She let out a laugh at his impression. "GIR, reporting for duty," she replied, saluting him.

"It's all good," Forlin replied, settling into his seat. Then he grinned as she replied. "I was the turkey all along!" His high-pitched voice made it easier to do the impression. It would have been more difficult as a male human. Nichole would have seen his male human morph and how oddly feminine it looked. This one had been made from a few female volunteers at the camp, and so it looked more feminine.

He was glad she didn't mind his goofiness. Some people thought it was ridiculous. And Forlin didn't get a lot of chances to go out and about.

There was plenty of food to go around. And more where that came from, too. Forlin was eying the Cinnabon. They had cinnamon buns and coffee, which would go amazingly together. So much better than the ones he could cook in the oven.

"So..." he said. "What've you been up to, lately?" He realised he didn't know if she had a job or went to college or both, or what. What kind of life that she had outside of the Resistance, with the exception of Invader Zim and Star Trek.

As he was walking by, Ruddy spotted Nichole sitting at a table with another girl whom, based on her obvious obsession with food, had to be Forlin.

Altough he was a little bit scarred by how trigger-happy Nichole could be, he decided to sit with them to talk a bit.

Still angry at Nichole for destroying his precious talkie-walkie, he showed her a plastic bag he was holding and said, putting as much sarcasm in his voice as he could,

"hi there! Guess who just bought a new set of talkie-walkie from the radio shack? "

Forlin recognised Ruddy, of course.  He'd bought a new walkie-talkie, it seemed, and he was metaphorically shoving it in Nichole's face.  Not the way to make friends, but he supposed that Ruddy didn't like Nichole after Nichole had shot his walkie-talkie.  Though by surprising her like that, he was kinda asking for it.  A shame he didn't get the Deadpool reference, though.  As for Forlin, he'd been too...triggered, to do so.

"Just make sure and don't get your new one's shot, eh?" he said with a strange smirk of his human eyes.  Human expressions were hard to make, though he wasn't good at body language in general, no matter how much he studied it.

At least Ruddy seemed as awkward as he. He didn't feel alone!

"Well, to be honest..." she began, then looked up as Ruddy came. "Ah, Ruby was it?" she said with a grin, leaning forward and putting her hand on her chin, batting her eyes.

"Can't wait to destroy those, too." She smirked. "Come. Sit."

Forlin laughed aloud. "Ruby!" he said. "Like the soldiers on Steven Universe!" He pulled out his phone and showed them a picture of Ruby soldiers.

Ruddy sat on a chair, tempted to make one last sarcastic remark, and look at the menu above the cashiers.

"so, since you have more experience in this town than I have" he said " what are you suggesting me?"

As he slowly put his bag on the floor, making sure not to break his walkie-talkies, he added "by the way, may the fourth be with you."

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