Vorara 669






I was born a larva. Blind. Deaf. Mute.

To be honest, I always thought everyone was. That everything was.

Then I was able to infest my first Gedd.

As with everyone else, I was only in the host for a few minutes, but it made me yearn for more.

It made me crave more.

Then I was assigned.

I was a lowly Gedd at first. I would look at others with envy. Lust. Desire to rip them apart and take their hosts from them.

I remember when I first had a taste of food.

The sensation was overwhelming. I ate more and more until my stomach was gorged, and still craved even more. The idea that these creatures ate with these mouth-things was most sensational.

I worked and worked, showing that I was deserving of a new host when I was finally promoted to a point where I could get a new host.

I thought it was going to be a human, since they seemed plentiful, but it seemed they needed me in a different form.

A Taxxon.

At first I felt defeated. I had wanted the human sense of taste so badly. To be able to feel my tongue on something else.

In someone else's mouth; in every orifice just to feel the sensation.

But soon I realized something.

The insatiable hunger of the Taxxon.

I knew about it. Knew it was there. But it wasn't until a Controller got pissed and shot the arm off another Controller that I really got to feel the sensation of what eating really was.

The other Controller was bleeding, as me and another Taxxon tore after her. The woman was screaming and trying to get away from us, but tripped over a third Taxxon.

We devoured her in mere seconds.

But I will never forget the smell. The taste. Everything as I gorged myself on her flesh...

Now I'm working under Sub-Visser Fifteen as his personal guard. An old friend of mine who was lucky with ranks, but not so lucky in terms of being able to eat.

Bark? No thanks.

But now I've heard rumors about him having a new host...a more important host...

I'll have to see...



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Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,
with stoutest wrists and loudest boasts,
he thrusts his fists against the posts
and still insists he sees the ghosts.

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