Race: Andalite

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A race of centaur-like aliens which possess a torso similar to a human and a lower body that resembles the Earth deer. Covered in fur, it is easy to tell their genders apart as the males possess blue fur and the females purple, though both tend towards tan as they age. While they have rather weak arms, their seven-fingered hands are much more nimble than a human's, but they make up for this weakness with their primary weapon: the scythe-like blade on their whip-like tails. Known as the shorm in their language, they are capable of reaching well in front of them to strike at an opponent. Females typically have a much more scalpel like blade on their tail as well as being weaker in the strength of that member. One of the most important symbols in Andalite culture, many would rather die than live without their tail.

Other features of the Andalite include a nose-like organ possessing three vertical slits, the distinct lack of a mouth, and two sets of eyes. The primary eyes are almond shaped and in the normally expected position on their face while the second set sit upon a pair of stalks, allowing them 360 degree vision. Due to their lack of a mouth, Andalites eat by crushing grass beneath their hooves and absorbing the nutrients from within. They also naturally possess telepathic communication known as Thought-speak.

Natural grazers, they are a species accustomed to open plains who live in small families known as 'scoops'. Because of this their largest ships, known as Dome ships, possess an entire ecosphere with grass, water, and atmosphere to sustain all on board.

While generally viewed as one of the good guys of the galaxy at large, there is one thing that mars their reputation. Through the gifting of their technology, Prince Seerow inadvertently unleashed the Yeerks upon the galaxy, thus causing the creation of the law against the sharing of Andalite technology or secrets...Seerow's Kindness.

[Image: race_traits.png]
  • Although nominally equal, it is tradition that males serve in the military with females serving in reaserch sciences and technology.
  • Andalite names are three words long and hyphenated. Many Andalites share names, both when related and when not related. They are also seemingly not restricted by gender, which female first names appearing as the second name for males. One feature with names is that it seems as if siblings will sometimes have the father's middle name as the middle name for the eldest child and the mother's middle name for the second child.
  • The average Andalite year is the equivalent of 84 Earth months.
  • Plant life on the Andalite home world comes in shades of green, blue, and sometimes red. There are also some old growth trees on the planet who seem to possess some sort of intelligence and are capable of acknowledging another presence as well as transmitting emotions telepathically. Andalite's who form a special bond with certain trees call them their Garibah or Guide Tree.
  • Rituals are important to the Andalites. They have several, most of which involve reciting prayer-like words. There is one for morning and evening, for children, for dying in battle and revenge, for forgiveness, and one for wishes. The rituals themselves are listed below.
  • Stroking the face of another Andalite with the palm of the hand is their version of a kiss.

Morning Ritual
< From the water that gave birth to us [dip right forehoof in water]. From the grass that feeds us [crush grass under same hoof]. For the freedom that unites us [spread arms wide]. We rise to the stars [look with all 4 eyes at rising sun]. Freedom is my only cause. Duty to the people, my only guide. Obedience to my prince, my only glory. The destruction of my enemies, my most solemn vow. I, [name], Andalite warrior/cadet, offer my life [assume stance and raise tail blade to throat]. >

Evening Ritual
< From the rising of the sun to the setting, to its rising again, we place what is hard to endure with what is sweet to remember and find peace. >

Revenge Ritual
Q - < Did he/she die well? >
A - < He/She died in the service of his/her people, defending freedom. >
Q - < And has his/her death been avenged? >
A - < No, Father/Mother. >
Q - < You are now the eldest son/daughter. The burden of revenge is on you. Do you know his/her killer? >
A - < Yes. >
Q - < And does his/her killer still live? >
A - < Yes. >
Q - < And do you, [name], take up the burden of avenging your brother/sister's death? >
A - < Yes. >

Forgiveness Ritual
< I have made right everything that can be made right, I have learned everything that can be learned, I have sworn not to repeat my error, and now I claim forgiveness. >

Wish-Flower Ritual
< We welcome our hopes embodied, we welcome a new branch of the tree, we welcome... > (full words unknown)

Death Ritual
< I am the servant of the People [bow head]. I am the servant of my prince [raise stalk eyes upward]. I am the servant of honor. My life is not my own, when the People have need of it. My life is given for the People, for my prince, and for my honor. >

[Image: race_military.png]

The Andalite government is headed by the Electorate, which is chosen by the people, and functions mainly upon honor, respect, and pride. Andalite High Command, the members of which are called 'Great Leaders', are in charge of the military and there are two main rankings and two minor rankings beneath them.

First are those with the title of War-Prince. Those bearing this title are the equivalent of a general and may have several Princes reporting to them.

Below the War-Prince are the main leadership role: the Prince. The equivalent of a colonel or lieutenant, a Prince may command starfleets, workers, scientists, or any other positions needed in a battle.

Beneath the Prince are the warriors, the common soldiers. Every warrior is meant to have a Prince and to report to only that one Prince.

At the bottom of the rankings are the aristh or cadets, of which a Prince can have one or many under him.

High-Ranking Andalites
  • War-Prince Orlim-Taucus-Charlen, Captain of the Dome ship MoonBlossom
  • (Former) War-Prince Sarial-Langor-Donraff (Infested), Formerly Apex Level Intelligence

[Image: an_language.png]
  • The Abomination - The name once given to Visser Three alone by the Andalites. With the advent of more Andalite-Controllers, it has become abominations.

  • Aristh[i] - The lowest rank in the Andalite military.[/i]

  • Derrishoul - A type of tree that resembles an asparagus spear.

  • Elupera - A location on the Andalite homeworld filled with rocky outcrops covered in ancient writings.

  • Enos ermarf - A description for the way the landscape of a lake curves forward as it is framed by trees.

  • Escafil device - While it has other names, this is the most common as it is dubbed this after Escafil, the Andalite scientist who helped create the morphing technology it possesses.

  • Estreen - One who has a natural instinct for morphing and is able to use it artistically.

  • Flaar - An animal on the Andalite homeworld that smells similar to a human.

  • Garibah - "Guide Tree".

  • Gelasic - A quality of grass.

  • Hald-wurra - An Andalite fighting move. Translated it is Old Andalite for "Victory in Three Swipes".

  • Hereth illint - Roughly translated as "Burping DNA". This is a process that occurs when a morpher is allergic to a genetic pattern. The morpher ends up expelling the offending DNA, creating a whole new creature in the process, from their own body.

  • Hirac delest - An Andalite's last thoughts.

  • Illsipar Root - A species of plant that can ease the pain of Soola's Disease as well as a delicacy.

  • -kala - A suffix attached to a first name indicating affection, usually on children.

  • Onkalilium - Organic Andalite medicine.

  • Notallssith - Condition of being unable to control a morph.

  • Nothlit - One who has stayed in a morph beyond the two-hour time limit, trapping them in that form forever.

  • Ramonite - A strong, flexible material not found on Earth. It can be formed into a perfect curve, like an egg shape, to hold captives as there are no walls to break down.

  • Shorm - Literally "Tail Blade". To call another your shorm is to put your trust into them so deeply, you would trust their blade to your throat.

  • Shormitor - Andalite tail blade carvings.

  • Torf - An Andalite fighting move that involves using the flat side of the tail blade to apply force without injury and knock the opponent out.

  • Unschweet - A ritual where an Andalite is shorn of his hair so that every day he will be reminded of his shame. Each day the hair gradually grows back and, with it, so grows back the Andalite's sense of dignity.

  • Utzum - Spiritual rite of Andalite legend in which some with strange powers could pass memories through DNA. These memories would be triggered by imminent death to provide strength in their last moments of departure.

  • Vecol - A disabled Andalite who can no regenerate a part of their body that was lost because of a morphing allergy, who is treated as an outcast. They live in isolation to retain their dignity.

  • Yaolin - Andalite curse word.
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