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I became suspicious about the Sharing when they started to make me join them. At first, I thought they were like any other community group wanting to attract new members in it.
But, as I kept refusing, they became more and more insisting. More and more people talked to me about it. More and more flyers were distributed.

It became obvious, for me, that they were hiding something. At first, I thought it was a front organization used for money laundering. Then, as it became obvious they weren't circulating a lot of money, I imagined a classic Ponzi scheme or a pyramidal scheme.
It was at that moment I made the worse decision of my life. I decided to investigate it.
I knew I should have ignored them, like most people would do if they suspected a scheme. I knew it was a bad idea. I knew it was dangerous.
But I still investigated it.

I had decided to join them, not as a full member of course, to see how the organization was like. At the time, I was sure I could easily spot a pyramidal scheme by infiltrating their organization and checking how they managed their "community".
Unfortunately, it was beyond what I imagined. It didn't took me long to realize that all the "full members", as they called them, were actively using manipulation technique to make me stay.

They all acted like they had an advantage to keep me in.

Being a little paranoiac sometime, I decided I had to bail out immediately: I didn't want to know why the full member had an advantage to keep me.
Fortunately, they seemed to accept I wouldn't join them and didn't asked me to return with them.

One month later, a good friend of mine(if not the only one) started to pester me into joining the Sharing like he did; the more I refused, the more he insisted. No matter how clear I made it, he was alway insistant about it. Sometime, I even thought his life depended on it.

Another month later, I learned the truth.
We were at a bar, nearly drunk(we had a fake ID to be able to order alcoholic beverages). He asked me, again, to join the Sharing and, again, I refused.
Like alway, he kept insisting.

Without warning, I shouted at him. I told him how angry I was. I told him how weird he acted since he joined them. I told him I knew all about their secret. I told him I noticed he was alway going at the same place every two days. I ordered him to get away and bring the "real" him back.

For a second or two, he seemed like he was about to kill me. He seemed like he was fighting against himself in order not to kill me. 
I knew my friend would, no matter how drunk, would never be that angry.
It was obvious the Sharing was hiding something.

So I began my second investigation.
I trapped my friend into telling me when the next "full member" meeting would happen.
Fortunately, they would be at the beach at night. Which meant, since the beach was accessible to everyone, I could easily hide and listen to whatever secrets they were holding.
The night before, I made sure to wear clothes that had the same color of sand. I made sure that my whole body was covered by these clothes. I made sure,by using makeup, to have a dark face so I could blend in the night.
Even if I hadn't been able to understand everything they said, I managed to understand they were talking about things like "infesting hosts", "control", "Visser", "yeerks" and "andalite". 

I then started a third investigation. I knew I need something better than camouflage if I wanted to get somewhere.
So I sold some of my stuff and, with the money I had, bought a drone and a camera. With these, I would be able to fly over the next meetings they would held outside and, without being spotted, make a list of every member they had so I could know whom to investigate properly.
Also, I could learn how read on the lips in order to know what they were talking about.

I learned the truth when I was about to spy on them for the first time. I was going trough my pre-flight checklist when some boy sneaked up on me. He told me I shouldn't try what I was about to try. He told me I would get spotted before I could even get near enough to film them. He told me they were going to kill me.
Then, he claimed to be part of some sort of resistance against the yeerks. He also told me they were keeping my friend as a prisoner. He offered me to go to the base and be part of the resistance, which I accepted since I was busted anyway.

Three days later, I was near their base, just about to meet them for the first time.
I didn't do that for the planet/humanity or whatever. I did that for my friend. I wanted to save him, no matter what.
So, there was I.
Me, the nerd who learned the digits of Pi for the fun of it, was about to join a resistance fighting an entire empire.
I was about to, like we would say in french, prendre le maquis.

Ruddy made up a backstory in order to hide his real backstory since he's not willing to give his trust easily. In this backstory, he lived with his only friend in a poorly administated orphanage from which he "fled" as soon as he became 18 years old.

In reality, he was raised in an abusive family and decided to quit it as soon as he could and changed his name in order to disconnect himself from his family.

His natural lack of trust in other people is one of the main reason why he only have one friend and why he doesn't really try to make new ones



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Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,
with stoutest wrists and loudest boasts,
he thrusts his fists against the posts
and still insists he sees the ghosts.

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