Zephrin was born a vecol. He was hidden from the world. Even his parents despised him for being born.

His parents constantly fought over whose fault it was that he was born with only half a tail.

So one day he ran away under the cover of night.

At that time another Andalite was running. A young girl who couldn't sleep because of insomnia. As she had put it later,

They were both running, and literally collided in the forest.

She had never seen a vecol before and was fascinated by him, rather than disgusted. He could remember her touching his tail constantly, and sometimes it makes him blush.

She wanted to help him. She helped him hide, but no one really came looking for him.

She visited him every day and would explain her latest invention, and he started falling in love with her.

Finally she came over, extremely excited.

He remembered her showing the exoskeleton of a new device.

A prosthetic tail.

For him.

He remembered when she installed the chip into his brain. It had hurt, but it was worth it to be able to feel like a true Andalite. He swished the tail. He laughed and jumped around, the tail moving with his every thought.

He was about 11.

Throughout the next few years, she worked on it, developing it to work like an actual tail.

It was a bit heavier and a bit slower than the average tail, and it was covered in artificial fur to hide the fact that it was a prosthetic.

He entered the academy--admittedly a little later than he was supposed to, but he managed to lie and say he was off planet for a few years.

He learned to tail-fight and gained the morphing ability. He enjoys morphing and has had accidentally had the tail fall off more than a few times--which Allerna has grumbled often about having to fix it--but after a lot of practice, he was able to morph the tail also, and finally the fur atop it. 

But as much as he enjoys morphing, he doesn't enjoy it as he enjoys living with his best friend and fiance, Allerna.

He's a little bit socially awkward, though, and very gullible. One could tell him that the sky had just turned to mildew and he would look up just to check.

The other arisths would sometimes play pranks on him when he was in the Academy, but now he is a Warrior serving upon the Dome Ship.

He stands by his honor and would defend anyone to the death if they were in danger.

Especially Allerna.



[Image: rp-approved.png]
Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,
with stoutest wrists and loudest boasts,
he thrusts his fists against the posts
and still insists he sees the ghosts.

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