Race: Humans

[Image: humans.png]

Your every day run-of-the-mill homo sapiens isn't so every day anymore. On an Earth that's been under an ever increasing control of the Yeerks for more than a decade, a large portion of humanity is unaware of the encroaching alien force slowly taking them over - or simply ignoring it. Another lives in fear for the day that Controllers will come to their door and drag them out of their homes to take them to the nearest Yeerk Pool where they will be infested. They knows that one the Controllers come for you, there isn't going to be a you anymore. After that, it's going to be the Yeerk. And then there are those who welcome the invasion, willingly joining for one reason or another.

[Image: hu_willing.png]

These are those who willingly put themselves into the hands of the Yeerks for a variety of reasons. Some to escape from their personal problems, some to try and protect their families, and others simply because they want to belong to something.

[Image: hu_neutral.png]

There are some who really don't fall in any direction. Honestly they just want to live their lives for as long as they can before the inevitable hammer comes down and the Yeerks take over everyone on the planet. Those who both are and are not aware of the threat of the Yeerks fall into this category.

[Image: hu_resistance.png]

Those who directly and indirectly fight the Yeerks are a little harder than the average human. A lot of them seem a little bit older than their actual ages and most will do anything to see Earth free of Yeerk control.

In all the universe, no greater beauty. In a thousand, thousand worlds, no greater art than this.

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