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While the Resistance is largely human, there are several alien races included within it. These include freed hosts of the Yeerks as well as the robotic Chee (though they are more a neutral force unto themselves amongst the Resistance). By and large the Resistance exists in pockets, small groups with one to three morph capable members that largely work on their own in foiling the work of the Yeerks.

Their main base of operations lies deep in the wilderness and while it is homey in its own way, the oldest occupants always keep the newer ready just in case one of their own is taken. Ready to fight and ready to run if need be.

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Spanning across the galaxy with holds on many worlds, which include the home of both the Hork-Bajir and the Taxxons, the Yeerk Empire now has a firm grip on Earth. This is largely thanks to the successful taking of the Anati and their homeworld in an operation headed by Visser One as well as the discovery of lost technology belonging to the Five giving them an advantage over the Andalites in their war. They still don't control the bulk of Earth but with the taking of two of the Animorphs and the other four fleeing into hiding, the efforts that slowed their progress have also slowed. There are now five Yeerk Pools on the planet (two on the western seaboard of the United States, two on the eastern, and one in the midwest) and a sixth is being constructed somewhere in England as efforts have been expanded beyond the North American continent. Hundreds of humans are taken each day and added into the ranks with new Yeerks and the Council of Thirteen is largely pleased with Visser Three's efforts on the planet.

But that can always change.

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Within the Yeerk Empire exists a silent subset, a group of Yeerks who do not want to conquer and take people but want to attempt to merely exist alongside them. A symbiotic existence that might aid both sides of the equation.

And while they may be silent amongst their own people, fearing to speak up for fear of being put to Kandrona starvation, they aren't idle. Rumor amongst their own says that Marco Reyes, one of the two captured Animorphs, is in contact with the Resistance.

[Image: f_andalite.png]

Known throughout the galaxy for their advanced technology, the Andalites are both the primary opponent of the Yeerks as well as the ones who inadvertently unleashed them on the galaxy. They have continued to fight the Yeerks on many fronts but have, by and large, not turned their eyes towards the plight of Earth despite the message they received from Aristh Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil. Largely because they have lost some of the advantage they had over the Yeerk forces after their discovery of tech that somehow survived the destruction of the Five.

However, things have changed on several fronts, and forces are being slowly rerouted to assess the Yeerk hold on the Earth.

[Image: f_neutral.png]

While many have taken up arms, there are also those who do not wish to fight. Some of them aid those who fight as doctors or cooks or any number of other tasks amongst the Resistance. Others choose to ignore the knowledge they have gained about the invasion happening right beneath their noses, choosing to disbelieve that anything is happening. And others still simply don't care either way.
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