Host Breeding Station (Property of the Yeerk Empire) [Closed]
It was just another typical day in space for Nxion 121. The various drones were scattered throughout the asteroid field the station was currently hidden in, search for any approaching ships or other threats. There was no such thing as too much security in  Nxion's opinion. As Visser Six and head of the host breeding station, Nxion was in charge of all things within the station. Security was usually it's number one priority. The host breeding station was one of the few yeerk facilities with defensive weapons only. From the out sides looking in many believe Nxion to be paranoid in it's security measures, but in it's own opinion Nxion couldn't be careful enough. Afterall, what was the point of conquering a host species if their numbers couldn't at least be maintained, even increased? The host breeding station was already producing new human hosts faster then whatever method they'd been using on Earth.... Unfortunately they were all still infants and children. It was the only down side she'd discovered about humans, how long they take to mature. But hey, a host's a host right? Better to crawl around with eyes and ears instead of swimming around blind in a pool their whole life.

On today's agenda Nxion was counting the human newborns, ensuring all had made it back to their crib after their last feeding. It should have been the simplest of tasks, unfortunately it was made infinitely more difficult by it's host constantly thinking the wrong number in their shared head space. "Two hundred and fifty five... Two hundred and fifty....." Leona's voice grew louder and more frustrated with ever number Nxion made her say aloud, trying to drown out the random string of wrong numbers Leona was purposefully thinking to try and throw the Visser off. With a frustrated roar of a yell Nxion suddenly turned it's host to throw the tablet in Leona's hand against a far wall in anger. It would seem Leona's distraction had finally gotten the better of the normally frosty Visser.
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"Woah, watch it," Ti commented irritably as they walked into the newborn room, holding Norpo's tablet, watching Visser Six's tablet go flying past.

"One of the stupid--" Ti began, but she couldn't remember the name of what had gone wrong.

"Incubators," Norpo said, sliding easily into control. There was a very slight pause as he did, but they both hoped the visser hadn't noticed. "It was glitching a bit."

"I just need you to sign here, and I'll go...wait for someone to come pick me up." He sighed mentally. When Ti got bored...she got bored...

Last time she had tried teaching a Hork-Bajir Spanish curse words and told him it was normal English.

The next person he had talked to was not say the least.

Leoff had recently finished feeding, so she was in a jovial mood.  There was a bit of spring in her step as she powered her Hork-Bajir's legs.

Usually this station had the impact of a rainy day -- dismal and depressing.  The expression, she had carried over from her time in her previous host, a human.  She also considered this place to be the 'middle of bum-fuck Egypt', though even with her former host's knowledge she did not quite understand the correlation between anal sex and the country of Egypt.

She often wondered why she was still stationed here.  Perhaps Visser Six wanted to keep her here.  It wasn't as if she brought anything much to the table.  She was efficient and dependable, yes, but host breeding was nowhere near her specialties, and where she was knowledgeable in security, Visser Six had it covered.  And Visser Six was a loyal Yeerk, showing less ambition than most Yeerks…there was nothing to report to Visser Three.

Regardless, she would serve as well as she always had, with no complaints.

She'd used the computer to tell her where the Visser was, and found her personally counting the newborn human children.  A simple enough task, but it seemed frustrating to the Visser.  Mentally, she winced as her commander threw a datapad against the wall.  At least, unlike her previous assignment, she didn't have to be weary of blades.  Her last commanding officer had had a large Hork-Bajir host.

The other Controller was quick to assist the Visser. Leoff opted to keep quiet until they were done.


The Andalite scout ship, its crew four people small, led by Prince Sarial-Langor-Donraff, had cloaked as the approaching ship was detected.  It clamped onto the massive Yeerk freighter, becoming essentially a part of it for now.  This way, not only would it not be detected by Yeerk systems, but it would be able to determine where these supplies were going.  It was hidden in such a niche that it would not be noticed from a viewport unless someone was looking very, very closely.

Captain Tendru maintained command of the Farociar, the frigate from which they had come.  It would be able to lock onto the smaller ship's signal once Prince Sarial sent one out, however.

Sarial and his men, for right now, were on their own.  They were trained and professional warriors, people he could trust and depend on.  There were no inexperienced Arisths or newly-coined Warriors on this mission.  Everything had been rehearsed several times, though due to them lacking the knowledge of where in specific they were going, this would be intelligence-gathering more than anything before any attacks were launched.

((Ooc: the Andalite attack is part of a plot by Leona and I, I'm not hijacking thread. ^_^ I am so excited to have Tia in it!)

A pain in Leona's head that Nxion unfortunately also felt caused them both to move Leona's hand up to rub her temples. At first the Visser only made Leona's breath exit her lips in a frustrated sigh before turning those emerald colored eyes to Ti. "Are all humans this difficult?" The Visser complained, wondering if Norpo had such difficulties. Stepping over to Ti and Norpo, Nxion took the tablet from Ti's hands to let Leona's eyes read over the work order Norpo was referring to. Without questioning it she sighed off. A faulty incubator wasn't something they could afford. After handing the datapad back to Ti/Norpo, Visser Six navigated her host to clean up the remains of her own datapad.

Gathering the pieces of the clear tablet looking device, Leona's ears picked up a familiar set of footsteps approaching. Lifting her host's eyes to spot Leoff. A faint smirk curled Leona's lips under the Visser's control. "Leoff, would you be a dear and get this count for me?" Despite how coy or sweetly Nxion might have made requests such as this, anyone who knew her well enough knew it wasn't a request. "I need to get this datapad to maintenance."
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"Not always," Norpo replied, slipping into control of Ti's fingers to type something in after the visser signed. "Sometimes it just depends on the Yeerk controlling it..." He added idly. It was supposed to be a comment to Ti, but he forgot he was still mostly in control of her body.

He heard Ti starting laughing in her head. <Oh. My. God. You are so fucking screwed,> she laughed. <But if you get me killed over that, I'm so haunting you.>

Norpo glowered at the pad then twisted her face into a forced smile as he looked up. "Sorry. My host is very sarcastic, and I spend a lot of time as her on Earth."

He turned her body and nearly walked straight into a Hork-Bajir, who was apparently "Leoff". "Sorry. I should probably get to the docking bay," he added.

If Leoff was in a human host, she would have quirked an eyebrow. That would probably not win the other human-Controller (Norpo, was it?) any favors with the Visser. She was curious, though, as to how Visser Six would take it. Would she brush it off?

“Humans are often intelligent and often strong-willed,” she said. Hork-Bajir lacked intelligence but were also, often, strong-willed, much as her own host—Grel Dermot—was. Visser Six’s choice of having a human host was fitting because she commanded a station whose focus was breeding humans. By being in that host, she understood the species intimately.

When Norpo bumped into her, the Hork-Bajir stepped aside. “You really should be careful. Blades, after all,” she pointed out, letting Norpo pass. She then stepped inside. The Visser made her ‘request’, and Leoff brought out her handheld. “Of course, Visser, I am already on it,” she said.


The cloaked Andalite ship admitted three morphed Hork-Bajir through—Warrior Enirin had remained on the scout ship so as to get the signal out once defenses were down. Prince Sarial was accompanied by his tech, Warrior Allindas, in addition to Warrior Gatawar.

They hid themselves within the freighter’s crew, and joined them in unloading the cargo. Once that was done, the morphed Andalites remained on the station. Their Yeerk aliases would work only with the grunts; if they ran into a sub-visser or the Visser and were asked their identities, chances are, their cover would be blown. They needed to work fast.

Allindas was already hard at work hacking the Yeerk systems. He thought-controlled a device embedded into his arm. He had to remain relatively close to the control panel, so he hoped he looked like he was simply standing guard.

Leona's green eyes quickly snapped up at Ti hearing the insinuation. The Visser had placed a dangerous glare in the young woman's eyes as she issued a warning. "I suggest you indulge your host less."

Her expression eased, though never really softened as Leona's eyes were brought to Leoff's host. The Visser gave little more then a nod of her host's head in thanks for Leoff filling in. "I'll be heading to feed after making the usual rounds." Nxion warned, Leoff of course already knowing she'd be needed to restrain the Visser's host. The redhead had proven to be suicidal in the past, her wrists still bearing the scars. It was important to keep her from hurting herself, in addition to preventing the adaptable human from escaping.

At the station's docks, a potentially devastating security breach had been conveniently over looked by whoever was at the shield monitors. Even as the Visser passed through to sign off on supplies delivered, no report was made. Nxion was quick to finish with the few remaining tasks she insisted on seeing to personally before heading for a chamber with her private pool. Feeding days were always stressful for Nxion. She hated being blind and helpless in the pool, never knowing what was happening on board her station. To make matters worse, her host was already imagining ways she might escape her restraints. None of them would work of course, but just the thought of catastrophe striking while she fed was stressful enough.
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"Of course," he replied.

<Bitch,> Ti muttered.

<Come on, before we do anything stupid.>

Ti rolled her eyes and started walking away. "Later, Leoff," she said, walking past her.

She started walking away and headed down the hallway, poking at the tablet out of boredom as she walked.

"Wait. Go back," Norpo said, seizing control of her whole body without any warning. He started flipping back and peered at the screen.

"Something's wrong..." he whispered. "Something is very wrong..." He smiled a little. "Or very right..."

He started down the hall, walking briskly, not caring who he had to dodge. "Sorry, excuse me. Gotta go," he said as he passed by.

Completely missing the bathroom, he pushed her body, still looking at the tab.

He shot past a Hork-Bajir standing guard and skidded to a halt, panting

He walked up to the Hork-Bajir and said, "Sorry. Running a bit late..." He took a deep breath. "Did a cargo ship just leave?"

“Understood, Visser,” Leoff replied, walking alongside the Visser as she did her rounds, careful to not get her blades in the human-Controller’s way.  She knew the care that was to be taken when dealing with Leona.  It wasn’t like dealing with a morph-capable host—in which case the host would need to be tranquilized—but the redhead was particularly strong-willed.

I will personally ensure things run smoothly on the station while you are feeding.

Two Controllers had joined them:  Inram Two-Five-Four, Leoff’s loyal second, had joined them.  A Leeran-Controller, something of a rarity among the Controllers here.  And another, a Hork-Bajir-Controller, that Leoff did not recognize.

One of the new recruits, Sub-Visser.  This is Hariss.

"Do we really need this many people in here?"

Hariss will have pool duty so he needs to see how it is done. Leona is a perfect example of an unruly host.

She had no reason to suspect Inram of anything.  She waited on the Visser to finish her rounds, and then she and the other Hork-Bajir accompanied the Visser to the pool.  She cuffed the host’s hands behind her back, and tightly bound her legs, before lifting the struggling human with her strong Hork-Bajir arms, towards the cage reserved specifically for her.

And then the other Hork-Bajir was knocked out cold by Inram.  The Leeran-Controller lowered his Dracon.

She heard Inram speak.  What was the meaning of this?  Visser — soon you will have another ear pressed to yours.  A gift I’ve arranged for you—an Andalite host, yours for the taking.  In morph, of course. Consider it a gift, for a friend.  He raised his Dracon, aiming it at Leoff.  Pardon me aiming this weapon at you, but your host is just as unruly as the red-head.

Leoff pressed her ear to the other Hork-Bajir's, and detached from the host.  It was like taking a Hork-Bajir, up until she touched the mind.  That lightning-fast Andalite brain was somehow at work.  Well, in this case, it was out cold, but soon the host would be waking up.


Warrior Allindar was…cautious about speaking to this human-Controller.  He did not want to give himself away.  But there was no harm in playing the part, his voice gravelly but tone hopefully pleasant.

“It just left,” he replied.  He wondered what this Controller was late for.  “All of the cargo has arrived on schedule.”[/i]

One could see a drastic change in the redhead the instant Nxion released her brain. Leona's muscles tightened, jerking against her restraints to test them for weaknesses. As usual she found none. But even before regaining control of herself Leona had noticed something strange, something she could use to taunt Leoff. "Am I really tha' scary LeeLee?" Even though her accident had faded over the years, the hint of it that came through when she wasn't under the Visser's control was a stark contrast. Softer vowel sounds with Ts and Gs falling off the end of words. Her words flowing together with less pause between them, in a strangely relaxed manor of speaking despite the obvious anger in her voice. "Does i' really take three of ya now?"

Before Leona could mouth off much more something unusual happened, which was just fine with Leona. "Heh, some friends." She scoffed when the Leeran controller stunned the other Hork-Bajir. Of course overhearing the truth of the matter her left brain quickly raced for what logical reason an Andalite would dare sneak into such a high security facility. At the same time, her more creative right brain wasn't about to pass up a golden opportunity to escape. Quickly focusing herself, Leona glanced between the two controllers to insure neither was watching her. As Leoff leaned her host over the morphed andalite, Leona was careful to land in a way that she'd be able to reach the keys to her restraints. Hopefully Leoff would be too distracted as she switched hosts to notice the keys expertly lifted from Grel's belt.

By the time she'd gotten her hands free, Leona was confident Leoff was too far into her new host to even remember Leona was there. With out warning Leona snatched the dracon beam off Grel's belt, bringing it level with the Leeran controller before firing. Of course there was no time to mess with the weapon's settings Leona knew it was likely on stun and would have to work quickly. Not too worried about who's side Grel would be on she left the hork-bajir to recover while undoing her remaining restraints. Once on her feet Leona first adjusted the settings on the dracon beam in her hand to deadly level before turning it on Visser Six's personal pool. There was no hesitation as the crimson haired human pulled the trigger, destroying the pool and effectively fry the slug who'd ruined her life.
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