Vandon Covax

Vandon Covax





6'2”, athletic build, Green eyes and long black hair with blue highlights, pale and somewhat Gothic.

My name is Vandon Covax, and it's time for me to take the fight back to the Yeerks. I'm pretty sure they've gotten my parents and my brother...and I wasn't there to stop them because I was weak, how can I ever forgive myself? One day I will free them...even if that means taking what little life they have left, but they will not live as controllers. 

We once lived so peacefully in Fort Nelson, Canada...that is until I was camping with a small group of by best buds and my fiancee Desiree a few years back, in Salem, Oregon. Imagine my surprise when I first saw a giant walking lawnmower on legs running through the woods, screaming gibberish languages and something about “Andalite bandits” or the look of panic when I heard the sickening gurgle behind me when I turned to see my best friend, the closest thing I had to a brother, Jimmy, with a wrist blade protruding from his chest, and wondering how the other lawnmower like monster snuck up on us. Only a few of us got away, Desiree, Tony, Leon, and myself. We ran through the woods like crazy with our other friends, and before I knew it Chuck and Susan were grabbed by men with park ranger uniforms that jumped out of the trees and thrown in the back of a van with 'The Sharing' bumper stickers. Only the crazy mess of animals that attacked our pursuers saved us, and soon we had become part of the resistance, and most of us were given the power to morph.

We had a lot of excitement with the resistance...I actually started enjoying the battles with an almost unhealthy blood lust, looking back on it. They quickly made me the leader of our little cell. We were nobodies in all reality, a little cell of guerrilla warriors who went off and did the dangerous missions and didn't know enough to be too much of a threat if we got caught. Every time I bit the neck of a Hork-Bajir or split the stomach of a Taxxon, I thought of Jimmy and smiled inside. I trained in martial arts, learned to fight pretty hard both in and out of morph, and our little cell of the resistance thrived, until the last time we went out to try to scout for a possible pool entrance. In Salem, Oregon we found...something. I don't even know how to describe what we saw...I assume it was a horrible morph from some other planet...though I didn't think any of the Yeerks besides Visser 3 could morph...boy were we wrong. At any rate, I've had nightmares since that day...The battle there is kind of a blur for me, but in that warehouse I lost them. I am pretty sure they're all dead, I am just glad that Desiree never joined the team. She went back home to Fort Nelson, and should still be living there safe and sound...I, however, could not take the loss of my team. I fled to Australia...but I can't stay here anymore. I don't want to become that guy again, to enjoy the killing and the battle and the carnage...and these nightmares are going to make things tough, I don't want to fight them again...but I need to know that Desiree is safe, and I can't sit back knowing what I know and knowing that the Yeerks keep growing more powerful...

((I am totally open to a romance with a player who wants to portray Desiree, and left it open for you to decide if she's neutral, a controller, or also joined the resistance. I am open to other romances until he finds Desiree, as he might have given up on finding her, but we'll see what happens during RP.))

Player- Rob P. / Eastern Standard Time /



    Morph List
  1. Wolverine ((Hard))

  2. Inland Taipan ((Hard, see Cobra))

  3. Australian Saltwater Crocodile ((Hard))

  4. Wedge-tailed Eagle ((Hard))

  5. Sugar Glider (Normal) 

  6. Racoon (Normal)

  7. Bat (Normal)

  8. Sydney Funnel Web Spider (Normal)

  9. Caucasian Sheapard Dog (Normal, rare breed)

  10. Arabian Horse (Normal)

  11. Golden Retriever (Common dog)

  12. Black Cat (Common)

  13. Skunk (Normal)

  14. House Fly (Common)

  15. American Robin (Common)

Woot woot to the former Resistance fighter!
[Image: rp-approved.png]
Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,
with stoutest wrists and loudest boasts,
he thrusts his fists against the posts
and still insists he sees the ghosts.

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