Alien Technology

EGS tower

A tall tower in the city of Santa Barbara where the Animorphs were originally from. It was the location of the original Kandrona upon the arrival of the Yeerk invasion of the planet and was briefly destroyed by the Animorphs early on in their fight. It was replaced as quickly as possible and today remains the source for the city.


During the time of the original Kandrona's destruction and the wait for it's replacement, several Yeerks discovered ther human oatmeal (specifically of  the instant maple and ginger variety) had the capability to keep a Yeerk alive without the need to absorb Kandrona Rays every three days. However, it was also swiftly discovered that it drove both the Yeerk and it's human host insane through addiction.

In later years, the Yeerks began a quiet campaign to attempt to remove the specific flavor from circulation after several raids on Pools ended with containers of oatmeal being thrown into the Pool. Though they never succeeded in doing so, the Resistance has made a constant effort over the years to keep a large supply in both their wilderness bases and in the smaller groups scattered around the U.S.

Battle Morph

Dubbed a human technology on the fact that humans themselves are not incredibly suited in body to battle, unlike an Andalite. The Animorphs each had a primary and secondary battle morph that they typically used and Keelas 112 has kept up this tradition purely as a method to attempt to demoralize the remaining Animorphs. The four remaining Animorphs have expanded their typical repertoire of morphs as a way of blending in with the other Resistance members who have morphing ability.

Dome Ship

Dome Ships are large combat-slash-transport spacecraft used to traverse the galaxy. They have an appearance similar to a mushroom, umbrella, or palm tree with a domed section at the top that contains a grassy field based on the Andalite homeworld. The "stalk" of the vessel contains the living quarters, engines, and the bridge. A Dome Ship can host many fighters and has the potential to hold anywhere from several hundreds of Andalites to numbers in the low thousands if pressed for space. This is what makes them such a good combat force and typically only finds need of one in battle. When a Dome Ship does join battle, the actual dome part of the ship will disconnect from the stalk in order for better maneuverability and more effective fighting.

It is said that a Dome Ship's Shredder beams can punch a hole through a moon the side of Earth's or burn a planet to a cinder.

Known Dome Ships:
StarSword (station of Elfangor and Arbron as well as Alloran-Semitur-Corrass)
GalaxyTree (station of Aximili and Elfangor, destroyed by the Yeerks)
The Elfangor (named after Elfangor, captained by Captain-Prince Asculan-Semitur-Langor)

Escafil Device

One of the many names for the "blue morphing cube" the Animorphs were introduced to by Elfangor, named thus after the Andalite scientist Escafil who helped created the morphing technology. They are light blue cubes operated by touch and must have one "giver" who already had the morphing ability in order to pass the technology on. They are also inscribed with Andalite writings across their surface.

An Escafil Device can be disassembled and reassembled for either easier transportation or to keep the morphing technology out of the hands of others.

Hirac Delest

The translation of the words are last thoughts or final words. It is a common practice for warriors to record their hirac delest before their death.

Mirrorwave Call

A method of long-distance thought-speak that allows Andalites to project messages across long distances.

Z-Space Transponder

Allows communication at faster than light speeds through Zero-Space. Largely on Earth this technology is in the hands of the Yeerks but the Resistance does have several but they are restricted to limited use due to the Yeerks being able to track them.

It was through one of these that the Resistance sent the brief message to the Andalite homeworld that Earth resisted.


Invented by the Andalites, its power is transferred to others via an Escafil Device. Those with the morphing ability are capable of acquiring the DNA of any animal (including humans), allowing them to physically morph into that animal at will.

See this topic for the exact rules and guidelines of morphing.

Mag-Hover Truck

Ground vehicles that float slightly above the ground on magnetic surfaces.

Quantum Virus

A disease of space-time, an advanced simulated-life program that is a combination of Andalite physics with Arn biology and genetic knowledge. The virus itself is composed of tiny airborne units that are programmed to slowly break down the force that holds sub-atomic particles together. Any living creature that has had the virus programmed to target them will face weeks or months of agony during which the virus breaks them apart at the molecular level.

The only time it has been unleashed was on the Hork-Bajir homeworld in an attempt to keep the Yeerks from taking the Hork-Bajir, both those free and already Controllers. This order was made by War-Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass.


Handheld energy weapons. On Andalite ships they are mounted and fired from the tails that are built into their smaller vessels. The Shredders on an Andalite Dome Ship are the most powerful of any, hand model or ship mounted.

It was from Shredders that Yeerks developed the Dracon Beam.

Anti-morphing Ray

Created by the Yeerks to force an Andalite or human to demorph. Only one prototype was ever created and Tobias put himself forth into danger in an attempt to trick the Yeerks into thinking that the device had failed. Sub-Visser Fifty-One realized who he was at some point but was later killed by Visser Three when the remaining Animorphs rescued Tobias and escaped, destroying the ray as well.

Blade Ship

The design of this ship resembles a battle-axe, with the "handle" being the bulk of the ship as well as the bridge and the "blades" being the large wings at the end. These ships were inspired by Hork-Bajir physiology and were aptly first constructed on their homeworld.

There are a handful of Blade Ships present in the Yeerk Fleet around Earth but the most prominent is still that of Visser Three.

Bug Fighter

A small fightercraft that is piloted by one Hork-Bajir and one Taxxon. These ships resemble cockroaches yet are about as big as an Earth school bus and have two long serrated spears on their sides, which are Penetrator-Class Dragon Beams.

These can also be modified to travel underwater.

Dracon Beam

Handheld weapons created by the Yeerks, they are a blending of Andalite Shredders and Ongaghic particle-wave technology. Like Shredders, they separate particles and disintegrate both objects and individuals. Unlike Shredders, which were designed to kill as painlessly as possible, the Yeerks designed Dracon Beams to inflict excrutiating pain as the target was disintegrated.

They have a larger, more powerful brother called a Dracon Cannon, which are mounted on Yeerk ships.

Gleet Bio-Filter

Originally created by the Andalites, the Yeerks stole the specifications and use them to protect the entrances to Yeerk Pools. The Bio-Filter scans all life forms that pass through it and anything unauthorized is greeted with a loud alarm and a blast of wide-range rays. These rays are capable of not only blinding humans but of killing the unauthorized life form. There is a few second gap between the activation of the alarm and the unleashing of the killing blast.

The Bio-Filters installed on the main Yeerk pools are all programmed to kill anything that does not have its DNA registered into the computers.

Hunter-Killer Robot

These machines built by the Yeerks are medium-sized spheres with a single sensor for an eye and a Dracon beam equipped to them. When a threat is detected, it will open fire until the threat is destroyed. Though they are weak, they are still capable of being deadly and are used to patrol and protect Yeerk Pools.

Kandrona & Kandrona Rays

A Kandrona is a device that mimics the sun on the Yeerk homeworld, putting out special particles that are absorbed by the Yeerk Pools. On their homeworld the sun output these particles but Prince Seerow invented a portal Kandrona Particle/Wave Generator so that the Yeerks could travel out into the stars. These Kandrona Rays that it puts out are required by Yeerks to survive and they must absorb them at least every three days or they will die.

Kandronas vary in size and can be anywhere from the size of a small car to an Earth barn. These are installed in areas around the larger Pools and the smaller extended ones, typically in ways that are not obvious.

There is only one known way to survive Kandrona starvation and not be driven mad. This method, however, requires cannibalizing other Yeerks and killing their host.

Mag-Lev Train

A high speed monorail-like train used by the Yeerks for high levels of transportation. It is known that they were a prominent feature on the Taxxon homeworld and most of the major Pools on Earth have rails connecting them deep underground.

Nova-class Empire Ship

The largest ship in the Yeerk Fleet. It consists of eight large spherical sections arranged around a central cylinder which has four engines on one end burning with blue light. These vessels are docking points for many Bug Fighters and are typically commanded by only the highest-ranking Yeerks.

Pool Ship

The Yeerk mother ship above Earth, which contains a large Pool as well as it's own Kandrona source. Gigantic in size, it resembles a black spider with a fat, spherical body and a flattened bottom, three leg-like engines, and several small tendrils beneath the bottom that act as sensors as well as weapons and energy collectors. Somewhere near these tendrils is also the location of the onboard Kandrona. There is a docking port along the side of the ship through which smaller ships may enter. It sits high in orbit above Earth, cloaked from any sort of detection by human radar.

Yeerk Pool

Full of liquid the color of molten lead, this is where the Yeerks must return every three days to absord the Kandrona Rays that will keep them alive. Larger Pools have two (or more) steel piers leading out over the Pool, where Hork-Bajir Controllers drag uninfested hosts from cages to be reinfested.

Involuntary hosts are caged within the Pool, typically together in large numbers but there are some who warrant their own cages. The two captured Animorphs are two of these number. Voluntary hosts, on the other hand, are able to simply stand up from the Pool after their Yeerk drops into it. They stay in nice, fully furnished rooms within the Pool until the Yeerk is done with their feeding.

Around the edges of Pools are multiple buildings which house offices, storage, and even a lunchroom with a kitchen for humans to eat within.

Time Matrix

Was a spherical object created by the Ellimist that allowed the user to travel through time and space. The user could also alter reality itself without even travelling through time, making people remember things that did not actually happen. If the user requested something entirely detached from reality, the Time Matrix had the power to send the user to a universe specifically created for them.

Before the capture of Jake Berenson, the Animorphs encountered the Time Matrix in the hands of then Visser Four. He was attempting to use it to change human history in order to mold Earth into a planet easier for the Yeerks to dominate and take over. His use of it violated the rules of the game played by the Ellimist and Crayak, which prompted the latter to allow the Animorphs to go after the Visser through time in an attempt to stop him. They succeeded and both Visser Four and his host ceased to exist through his actions.

Assumably the Time Matrix fell back into the Ellimist's hands after this.


An elevator that has no bottom. It is essentially a tube that one drops down into when it is stepped into, though the drop itself is as a slow speed. Controlled by thoughts, the user must thinks of the number of the floor they wish to stop at - whether going up or down - and the dropshaft will stop their descent when it has reached that point.

Hawjabran Colony Shop

Massive ships built and used by the Hawjabrans to settle planets or moons for colonization. They can carry 8,000 Hawjabrans easily, making them far larger than most large spacecraft of other races.

Hawjabran Freighter

Built and used by the Hawjabran to transport goods. They appear similar to the Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation.


The stored personality and memory of a person or their life essence, captured and preserved beyond their death. These are a part of Arn biotechnology and are no longer able to be made due to the Arn being extinct and their tech largely lost. If an intact Ixcila were to be found, it and the stored personality within could be revived with a compatible host to live in.

Pemalite Crystal

An advanced computer processor created by the Pemalites. The size of a grape, it was immensely powerful, beyond human and even Andalite technology. It had the capability of controlling and rewriting lesser computer systems, including those systems of the Pemalites' creation, the Chee.

The only one known to have been on Earth was taken from the hands of the Yeerks and washed out to sea, having been deemed too dangerous a thing to keep after the Animorphs witnessed the destruction (and trauma) that reprogramming a Chee from their peaceful nature could cause.

Skrit Na Saucer

The standard ship of the Skrit Na race, they look like the typical UFO of Earth. They are often encountered by races lacking the ability to travel into space or the capability to go any further than their own moon. Far slower than any other ship in space, they are well armed and quite capable of high speeds in the atmosphere of a planet since they are built to withstand friction for a limited time. This feature was added so they could quickly exit a planet's atmosphere without burning up, given their penchant for stealing natives or valuables or both. A practice that has gotten the Skrit Na into trouble with several races and their military.

In all the universe, no greater beauty. In a thousand, thousand worlds, no greater art than this.

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