School's Out "Forever" (Open)
Nichole raised her eyebrows, actually fascinated and creeped out at the same time.

"Sounds almost...alien," she said with a laugh. She shuddered. "I would hate to be one of those rats."

What was he doing? Hell, what was she doing??? She was practically giving herself away.

Still, she continued to speak in that flirtatious tone.

<Welp. He sure know about the alien part at least.> James commented.

Both of them were perfectly aware that it wasn't the only explanation to the strange conversation but they still felt like it was the good one. The whole conversation looked like if there was some sort of double-entendre each time one of them opened their mouth. Still, there was one last "test" James wanted to do before they would either call Ti and/or go out in the open.

"yeah well... I don't think they're conscious about it. They still have full control over their body." James said "Note that it could make a good book story applied to humans. An alien parasite infesting human and controlling them for their survival."

It was a risky move. If the women was captured, they could be in deep trouble for having such a conversation.

She grinned. "I would love to read a book like that. I love science fiction, especially something that cool. You wouldn't happen to be like, a writer, would you? Because that would be awesome! I love the idea of aliens that aren't the normal aliens that are just invading and probing people," she said with a laugh.

"Can you imagine? I mean why would aliens come to Earth just to stick something up a human's ass?" She laughed.

<Don't tell her about the Skrit Na!> Earan laughed after hearing the probe comment.
<Why? You're worried that she might think I'm crazy just because I would talk about a weird alien specie like them?> James answered.

Part of him was growing worried that, accidentally, he might have gotten Nichole too interested in joining the Sharing and that she might join it because of him. He doubted he could survive such a mistake.

"Nah, I'm not really a writer. Anyway, even if I wanted to write that story, I couldn't. The Sharing only allow the realism genre so unless this actually happen, I'm forbidden to write it. One of the over-strict rules I was talking about."

<Go see Ti for some help. That will settle the whole thing once and for all.> Earan said.

Suddenly standing up, James simply said that he wanted to order something and, after that, walked toward Ti.

"Hey, we have to talk with your cousin about the Sharing now. I'm concerned she might join it." James said to Ti without the slightest introduction.

"Boring. What a snooze fest," Nichole said, taking a bite of food. It was a bit cold by then. "Okay." She nodded at James and continued eating. 

Ti blinked and stared at James. "He...she...I mean...uh..." 

Norpo took over before Ti did something stupid. "What do you mean she might join the Sharing?!" he hissed. "Do you know how long I've--we've--been trying to convince her not to?!"

<Obviously, she didn't tell her.> James said to Earan.

"Look, I saw her and, worried that her state of near-depression might make her join the Sharing, I decided to go convince her otherwise just like you do, okay? And saying that she might join it would be a little exaggerated. Our conversation became a little interesting and I've decided to ask you for some help on the off-chance that she may become interested in this."

<What about the pool party?> Earan asked.

"And by the way, did you talked about a pool party with her? I'm asking because I think your cousin might hide something big." James concluded.

If looks could kill, James and Earan would be dead. After all, Ti wasn't the only one who loved Nichole. 

"You decided to take it upon yourself to keep my--her cousin away from The Sharing? And what do you mean 'interesting'?" he hissed. 

He frowned slightly. "Pool party? What are you talking about, pool party?" he hissed. "Does this have something to do with this 'interesting conversation'?!" He leaned in, then realized Nichole was looking at them strangely. 

He smiled and waved a little. "Coffee. Would you like anything else?" he asked, grabbing the coffee.

James could easily see that Ti - or Norpo - was extremely angry at him.

"I didn't know she was your cousin until she told me so during the conversation, okay?"
James took a deep breath before continuing. He knew that he had to think about what he would say.

"It's just.... It's just that when I learned she was your cousin, I wanted to know if she knew about the Sharing so I've dropped small hints that would make my affiliation clear to anyone with enough knowledge. This quickly evolved into parasitic relationship between species and at that point I think I might have reach a subject that interested her. Sorry, now I realize it was kind of stupid to do that."

After a quick glance at Nichole, James realized that Nichole was looking at them with a strange look.
"Anyway, we should really have a small talk just to be sure."

"What?!" she hissed. "You want to have a 'small talk' with my cousin? What, are we going to walk over and say: Hey, cuz. Turns out there are parasitic aliens!"

She would have thrown up her hands, but Norpo had taken control of her body to keep her looking calm, despite the fact that there was murder in her eyes.

Nichole, meanwhile, walked up. She could recognize when her cousin was mad.

"Something wrong?" she asked, looking between the two in confusion.

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