Magical Mayhem
[Image: mmadban.png]

The wizarding world is almost unrecognizable from what we once
knew. The powerful enchantments concealing the wizarding world
were broken; Diagon Alley and the Ministry of Magic were set
ablaze, and in a matter of hours the death toll had risen into the
hundreds. The unthinkable had occurred: the wizarding world was
exposed... and there was no coming back from it this time.

The Ministry tried for years to conceal themselves again and
distract from the revelation, but no amount of Memory Charms
and hoax claims could repair the amount of damage. Instead the
International Confederation of Wizards came to a difficult conclusion:
maybe the Statute of Secrecy was done for. They overturned the
law rather than force wizards to hide when they no longer could,
but not all wizards have readily embraced the change. And not all
muggles are so willing to accept the wizards into their midst...

The Death Eaters continue to subtly take control of country after
country. Their stealth approach has led many to believe that they
are gone for good, and those who know better are powerless to
stop their forces. It's only a matter of time before the dark wizards
make an inevitable attempt on the United Kingdom again.

The wizarding world is on the brink of another catastrophe, not
approaching with guns blazing, but working its way through the
foundations. Everything we hold dear could crumble beneath us.

Where will you stand?

• • • • • • • •

» MM has been open since October 22nd, 2008—that's over eight years!
» four dedicated, active, and organized staff members!
» a phenomenal and unique plot filled with surprises and excitement!
» a multitude of different boards for roleplaying!
» a diverse, loving, and LGBT-friendly community!
» frequent mass events for all characters!
» new skins every few months!


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