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Leona Marie Cabbell


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Earth Resistance
Yeerk Empire

Who am I... You have no idea how much of a loaded question that is... You'll probably think it's some sick joke, or that I'm crazy if I tell you. But you know what? I already know I'm crazy, I don't need you to tell me.

<...Who are you talk thinking to?>

<Pfft, not you! I'm not speaking to you!>

<...But I just did.>


<You're not seriously holding conversations with your self now, are you?>

Ignore that, this is my life now. A life lived within my own head. I have only myself or my captor to speak to, so I choose myself. I live a life watching my hands preform actions I don't tell them to, my eyes moving to look at things I didn't turn them towards. It does everything now. It operates my body as though I am merely some sort of vessel, with the inconvenience of a mind of it's own. I have become a prisoner, and the walls which confine me are my own being. I wish I could tell you I was coma victim, trapped within them self, but this truth is much darker then the average human could ever imagine...

<I'm not really all that bad now, am I?>

I live as a prisoner with in my own mind. I watch my body move, but I'm not the one controlling it. The parasite upon my brain controls everything, everything but my thoughts. I've tried to resist, tried to fight back... When that didn't work I even tried to end it all... Now they keep me restrained while it feeds, so I can't hurt myself.

It's easier then you might think... Biting into human flesh. Our teeth are sharp enough, our jaws strong enough. Once you get over what you're doing and just do it, it's surprisingly easy. Adrenalin helps kill the pain of the first wrist, otherwise the second would have been impossible. That was several years ago, when I still thought I had a chance of escaping my fate. Even now there are still moments when I dare to give into that one great evil Pandora saved just for humanity, hope. But now I'm starting to ramble, let me start for the beginning.

<...Seriously who do you think your thinking to?>

I was born on June twenty fourth 1996, in Eggs and Bacon Bay, Tasmania. No, seriously, look it up, it's a real place, and yes I know the name is ridiculous. I heard through the grapevine that vegans were trying to change it to Peas and Carrots, or some nonsense like that.

<Me! I'm your grapevine! If your going to monologue to no one at least act like I exist!>

As I'm sure you've guessed it's a tourist town. My father use to be the desert and pastry chefs at one of the local restaurant. He's the one who raised me... Well until I was fourteen at least. I never really did get a straight answer out of him about where my mom went, just that she disappeared when I was two. I don't really remember her, but everyone who did use to say I looked just like her, like that means anything. Other then the obvious daily parade that is tourism, I led a pretty average life. I went to school, sang in the quire, but one day that all changed.

It was on a fishing trip one summer. My uncle had invited us out on his boat. A free seat among the paying customers to enjoy ourselves, while my uncle tricked my father into providing free labor to help set up the gear. It was always fun watching them give each other a hard time. Trips like this were a regular thing for us. It all seemed normal, and then it wasn't.

<So dramatic...>

I honestly don't remember much about what happened next. There was a flash of light, I think they knocked us out. Probably a low powered deacon beam of some kind.

<Technology you  wouldn't know about if not for me...>

The next time my eyes opened I was in a much different kind of ship, and I wasn't the one opening them. It chose me because I was the youngest female among the humans collected. It preferred female hosts, but too use in the breeding abomination it runs. Nxion 121 says pregnancy is annoying.

<The host breeding program is not an abomination! It's a vital part of maintaining and increasing host numbers! And pregnant hosts are annoying...>

<And you expect me to treat that as a good thing?>

<You're thinking to me again!>

Anywho... I've been living the last seven years of my life on the yeerk's space station used specifically for breeding hosts. Unfortunately the parasite on my brain is the one running the place, Nxion 121 aka Visser Six. I'll spare you the rest of the details. Let's just say I've seen atrocities that shouldn't exist. I no longer dream of freedom now, only death.

<I really should start looking to replace you. This inner monologuing is an entirely new level of crazy.>

Freedom... It's not something I've dared to even think about in a long time. I find myself lost, no direction, no one to guide me... No one to force my hand. But I don't like being lost. I don't like waking up to the sound of infants crying only to remember there are none here. I don't like thinking about how many I killed in destroying the breeding station while escaping with my own life... I should have died with the other hosts... And yet, for whatever reason I still live. My heart still beats, my lungs still draw breath. I guess that reason may as well be to fight, so that's what I'll do...

Andalites are fucking ass holes! Of course I took everything I learned about them from the yeerk's with a grain of salt, but it turns out it was all true. They are arrogant, selfrighteous, proud of nothing, ass holes! I've ended up on a dome ship along with a hork-bajir named Grel, and despite numerous scans showing there's no longer yeerks in our heads we're still treated like prisoners! The only exception I've found so far is Shalaren. She's actually friendly towards us, though sometimes a bit too friendly. I'm starting to think she's a lesbian... It's not a bad thing, she's a great person, but I just don't feel attracted to other females. Maybe I should just flat out ask her?

Shalaren, Grel, and I went to Earth. We we're going to meet up with Shalaren's brother, join Earth's resistance... Shalaren didn't make it...

Shandragontear / Hayley Williams / Central Standard / Discord: Shandragontear#0685

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Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,
with stoutest wrists and loudest boasts,
he thrusts his fists against the posts
and still insists he sees the ghosts.

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