Character creation
 Chloe Durmont/Alana218  
 Human / Yeerk  
 Yeerk Empire  
I am Chloe Durmont. I was once a model Citizen, worker, and College student. Untill they came the yeerks. I was the girl in the back of the class trying to focus on school work so I imagine i was an easy target for the sharing. I used to and still  sort of do work at a dunkin donuts and well I go to a Community College. I live alone which Alana loves because if she gets a call she can just get right to work conning other kids into joining the Sharing like it's some kind of Religious group. The day I meet Alana my fear got the best of me i kinda just froze and let it all happen. She mocks me to this day about it. However I've been lucky enough to avoid the Animorphs all together... but the looming threat actualy scares Alana. Family I have a mother but she's already a controller and has been for along time which is probably why I hadn't herd from her in over a year that and she runs a company up on New York. That's me just some pretty girl who like to be alone well, liked. Alana218: Chloe Durmont was my first time in active duty, And I did not want to disappoint. I got in trouble once we got to earth trying to cut in line for a controller. So they punished me by taking me out all together. And I had to wait ten years. But boy did I relish the fact they let me. Probably because they didn't anticipate the affects the Animorphs would have on us. I got lucky and continue to get lucky of avoiding them. The whole pool I was taken out of was killed by an attack. Now I just follow orders and recruit. I assume it's because they don't trust me to do anything else.  

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