drinking at the beach[open]
"THERE IS WHAT?!?!" Ruddy shouted after hearing Nichole's warning.

Soon after that, he felt a small bump on "his" surfboard and instinctively removed his arms out of the water to put them on the board.

He didn't care about the cube or the women anymore. All he cared about was the shark underneath him. He knew he didn't stand a chance against it if it decided to attack. The shark was in his element, unlike him.
If he had to compare the shark and himself to airplanes, he was a Piper Cub piloted by a student pilot while the shark was a F-22 raptor piloted by an ace.

Even if he knew it was false hopes, Ruddy hoped the shark wouldn't "smell" he had bled from his nose a few minutes ago.
The bleeding had stopped long ago, fortunately, but he couldn't eliminate the thought that he could still be bleeding a little or that there was some small spot of dried blood waiting to be re-hydrated by the water and fall in the ocean.
Despite the strong urge to rub his nose to check if there was any bleeding and/or dried blood, he knew he had to refrain himself from doing that. It was too risky as he could restart the bleeding or re-hydrate some dried blood.

He had no clue what to do now but he was too scared to ask Nichole what he could do now by fear the shark could, somehow, hear him and understand he was scared as hell.

Nichole swallowed. "Fuck..." she muttered under her breath. "What am I gonna do?!"

She looked at her cousin, who had a strange look on her face. The woman broke away from her cousin with a deep breath and began swimming over to Leona as quickly as she could, ignoring the shark.

"Leona. We gotta get them outta here," Norpo said, dropping all pretenses that they didn't know her.

Nichole started slowly swimming towards Ruddy. She wanted to know what her cousin was up to, but she needed to help Ruddy.

Unfortunately, her plan went about as far as distracting the shark. She took a deep breath and pushed herself into the water, ignoring the burning in her eyes. She blinked a few times, sort of waving her arms to get the shark's attention.

A part of her brain was wondering what the fuck she was doing, and so were Ti and Norpo.

"Fuck. What is she doing?!"

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