Yeerk Empire: Esplin 999

Esplin 999/Nelion-Zhoron-Glynkalyn (completely made up andalite name)

Considers himself a male Andalite. Is actually a genderless Yeerk

Totally an Andalite (actually a very delusional Yeerk with a taxxon host)


Yeerk Peace Movement/Andalite Government

The first thing to know about Esplin is that the Yeerk is a genius. Even by andalite standards or Yeerk standards, he's absolutely brillant. Completely effing insane, but brillant. This is literally the only thing thats kept him alive. He's managed to out hack andalites on their own system, and he's managed to personally upgrade several very important yeerk systems almost entirely on his own. Most of the Yeerk hierarchy has been forced to aknowledge his skills, even if they're less then fond of how entirely insane he is.

Because he is insane. Esplin is under the delusion that hes actually an andalite nothlit who morphed a Yeerk and got stuck. He refuses to believe otherwise despite evidence of his being a Yeerk an entire life. Normally, crazy yeerks are relegated to the Yeerk pool or killed, but Esplin has obvious skills and is a definite genius. He's just valuable enough that even Visser Three puts up with his craziness, though generally making sure underlings deal with his nuttiness.

Recently, Esplin has made contact with the Yeerk Peace Movement, who promised to put him in contact with his true people, the andalites, in return for his services.

  • Created by: Omega
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