Plot & the Last Few Years

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We can't tell you who we are. Or where we live.

That used to be the line we gave years ago. When we were just a bunch of scared kids given an incredible and dangerous power and dragged into a war. We knew we had to fight because no one else was and knew we had to hide.

But can slip up.

And we fucked up royally.

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The Animorphs always planned to hold out until the Andalites could arrive, to fight the Yeerks until they could get some kind of help. That unfortunately never happened.

In 1999, Jake Berenson's grandfather died and his brother Tom, already a Controller, refused to go away with the family as it would place him away from the Yeerk Pool for too long. The Animorphs worked hard to keep Tom from either infesting Jake's father or killing him in order to avoid the family trip...and ended up losing one of their own for it. Jake demorphed on his rooftop in order to save his father, thinking he was safe with his brother inside the house. Unfortunately for him, another Controller was present that day and saw it happen.

By the next day, every Berenson but one was in Yeerk custody. And Jake was the first in line to the Pool.

By that night when the Controllers came for them after finding out the identities of the other Animorphs, the Higgins family and the Reyes' had disappeared without a trace. Sub-Visser Twenty-two Keelas 112, one of Visser's Three's highest lieutenants and one of his most loyal, was ultimately the Yeerk who was gifted with Jake's body and given a task: capture the remainder of the Animorphs.

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We lost everything.

Our homes. Some of us our families.

But we weren't beaten.

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The Animorphs, their families, and their allies fled. By the time the Yeerks reached the once safe valley of the Hork-Bajir, there was no sign that it had ever been occupied. Ax and Tobias' meadow was abandoned, another hawk already having taken it as its territory and a band of skunks in residence in what remained of the scoop.

They vanished. Regrouped. Found another safe place in the wilderness where they weren't to be found. And then struck back.

Marco took leadership of the group at the suggestion of Rachel and Tobias. His shrewd way of looking at things made him apt at it for a year, earned them victories that lifted spirits as well as losses that shook them all. Then a second tragedy struck when a mission went wrong, leaving him wounded and trapped with no way for the others to get to him. He ordered them to get themselves out before being knocked unconscious and was immediately infested by a high ranking Controller with a voluntary host.

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I'm not sure who's loss was worse.

Jake was our fearless leader. Now only a ruthless killer looks out of my cousin's eyes.

Marco may have started out as our resident clown but...things changed him. Like they changed us all. He led us through some shit.

It's not as hard now, knowing he works from the inside with his Yeerk, Sidin.


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They moved again, anything they had built forfeit in the wake of Marco's capture. After that, Cassie refused to fight any longer. She would stay and heal or do whatever the others needed but she wouldn't fight. Not against Marco. Not against Jake.

Somehow during their second flight, the pieces of the Escafil Device went missing. Leaving them with only the few others amongst them who had been given the power to morph in order to aid in the fight.

Rachel, Tobias, and Ax attempted to continue striking out at Yeerk forces for a time with the aid of the Hork-Bajir and others that they had freed. They suffered losses that made them scale back, tone down their attacks in frequency. Their focus for several years shifted back to their people, to making a safe place for those that they had. Then they struck out again.

They sought out allies and found both them and enemies.

Quietly grew their forces and managed to make contact with the Andalite Government very briefly to send one message: Earth resists.

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So long as we live, we'll fight. We'll fight with whatever we've got.

We won't surrender.

Fall down seven times, get up eight. I remember Marco saying that once.

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The Resistance has been largely quiet for the past few years but it hasn't been inactive. It has been ever moving, gathering more resources, more people, more places to strike from. Performing small strikes, ones that rarely hint at the fact that three of the Animorphs still fight to free the Earth.

The Yeerks have spread farther, building at least three other Yeerk Pools that the Resistance knows about to reach a far greater area of influence. Keelas 112, now Sub-Visser Three, is still hunting the remainder of the Animorphs, fully intent on putting an end to the last of the group...or else end up replaced with someone else by Visser Three. Elsewhere in the ranks Sidin 445 and Marco work together with Illim and Mr. Tidwell and other members of the Yeerk Peace Movement in ways to undermine the others.

There has been news overheard recently by morphed Resistance members that Andalites have landed on Earth. The Yeerks aren't exactly sure about where but the Resistance knows one thing...they have to get there first.

Other rumors are circulating about someone finding objects that sound remarkably like the missing pieces of the Escafil Device.

The question is...who will get to them first?

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All of this might seem like a longshot.

Sure as shit does seem like it most days.

We could lose...but that's not the important question. The important question is what did you do when the chips were down? When everything and everyone in the world that you cared about was on the line?

Did you give up?

Or did you fight?
In all the universe, no greater beauty. In a thousand, thousand worlds, no greater art than this.

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