Character Template
Ready to create a character? Well there's a few things you need to know first.
  • If you are creating a Controller, please create their character with the race listed as the race the Yeerk controls as well as by their name since that it what they will be known by at large. Also please include in the freeform section both information about the Yeerk and the being they control. In short, the Yeerk and their host will be the same character unless they are separated by either host change or death of host or Yeerk. You may also include the Yeerk's race / gender / age in the sections of the template if you so choose.
  • Do not make a Controller of a species that is largely NOT in the domain of the Yeerks. This mostly applies to Andalite-Controllers (who are still very rare even in this AU, though that may change).
  • You are allowed one minor-canon character from the series if you so choose to make one. Any subsequent series characters can be purchased in the shop and there is currently a limit of two.
  • Created characters with morphing ability have a limit of 15 morphs that they can start out with. Please make them sensible to their origin, backstory, etc.
  • Play-by's are largely limited to humans only unless you either have art of a species or do a graphic yourself. Please do not use anyone else's art of any series species without their express permission.
  • Also regarding play-by's where Andalites with humans morphs and humans with morphs of other humans: please be generous with the number of play-by's you claim for your morphs. If you're not intending on making a big use of the human morph, please don't claim a face to go with it.
  • If in dual factions (ie: Andalite Government / Resistance), please put the faction you consider yourself most aligned with. You may either note within your freeform section of the second allegiance or below the template.
  • Player's are all personally capable of changing the group of their characters to reflect their faction. Please do so if you can.
  • Please do not edit the base of the template. You may insert scrolling sections or other such things into the freeform section for your character if you wish but leave the backbone of the form the way it is.
  • The default setting of the text box for posts is for SOURCE CODE. You will not need to change this to post your  template.
  • Default graphics for alien species are available below the template code if you want to have a graphic but do not wish to make one or get one made.
In all the universe, no greater beauty. In a thousand, thousand worlds, no greater art than this.

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