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Invented by the Andalites, its power is transferred to others via an Escafil Device. Those with the morphing ability are capable of acquiring the DNA of any animal (including humans), allowing them to physically morph into that animal at will.

This technology is still fairly new, though less so than it was several years ago when the Animorphs were first gifted it by Elfangor. It uses cellular regeneration combined with a variant of Z-space technology in order to complete the transformation. Typically it takes two minute sto complete a morph but this can very with the user's focus. While in a morph and only in a morph is one capable of < thought-speak >.

Rules of Morphing
  • The only characters that will know the rules of morphing before gaining the ability are members of the Resistance who have been specifically taught them (this is not knowledge or an ability that was passed around lightly) or an Andalite.
  • The morphing power can only be obtained by touching an Escafil Device and having someone who already possesses the ability touching it as well.
  • The most important rule of morphing to remember is the two hour time limit. Go beyond the two hours and you will be trapped in the morph.
  • An animal must be touched for it's DNA to be acquired by the morpher. The morpher must be able to do this for a short period of time and be able to focus on doing so. Once the DNA has been acquired, a mental image of the animal must be pictured in the mind. Demorphs requires a mental image of the morpher's own body.
  • One can only acquire the DNA of animals. Plants, trees, and inanimate objects do not have this and cannot under any circumstances be acquired or morphed into.
  • Mixing DNA of animals is possible within limits and takes a certain learned amount of skill and focus to succeed at. This is called a Frolis Maneuver by Andalites and can be used to combine the DNA of related species to create a new being from that combined DNA. One primary example is creating a new human from the DNA of two or more other humans.
  • While mixing the DNA of animals that are within the same family group or are capable of breeding together is allowed, do not mix the DNA of animals that cannot do so. IE: you can mix a lion and a tiger but you can't mix a lion and a monkey.
  • Every morph has it's own realistic strengths and weaknesses. IE: your tiger cannot fly, your shark is not a landshark, etc.
  • Morphing an animal gives the morpher it's instincts. One can be lost in them or have them take over in certain situations. Sometimes it is also better to have the instincts take over when the instincts of the morpher will not suffice (such as a bird's instinct for flying).
  • It is impossible to go from one morph to another. One has to first return to ones own, natural body before another animal can be morphed into.
  • Rapidly morphing across a short span of time can and will be exhausting.
  • Injuries obtained while in a morph can be repaired by demorphing or by demorphing then remorphing since injuries will not effect the DNA. The only exception is the morpher being close to death or knocked out, since in either case one would not have the concentration to morph back
  • Morphing is not pretty unless one is an Estreen
  • Morphing with anything on beyond a skin-tight outfit is impossible at first and will merely end up with the items ripped, torn, shredded, and just generally destroyed. Practice over many years, however, can lend the ability to morph regular items of clothing but it takes consistent morphing as well as some knowledge of the items (in appearance and material).
  • It is only within a morph that one is capable of < thought-speak >. Others can hear it but that cannot respond in kind and must either communicate aloud or silently. Andalites are the only species to have this as their sole means of communication.

Morphing Terms
  • Estreen - A person naturally talented at morphing. They can morph at an accelerated rate, control the instincts of the animal better, and are capable of controlling the typically chaotic process of morphing itself. This ability is not common.
  • Nothlit - The term for anyone who has become trapped in their morph. From this point there is no way to regain the ability to morph (unless done with interference from a universal power, such as with Tobias). One cannot make a character that is or was a nothlit and have them have or regain the morphing ability without admin approval.
  • Frolis Maneuver - This is the useful aspect of morphing where one can combine several samples of DNA from the same species and create from those samples a new being to morph. This process is most useful on Earth to create a human that is not an exact duplicate of another human.

Buying Morphs

For those who have the morphing capability in the RP, the way to gain any morphs is through the shop (which can be found in the main sidebar menu). This is particularly the option for those who will gain morphing ability during the RP itself. These morphs are purchased with credits that are earned by posting threads and topics.

Characters who gain morphing ability during play are allowed one free morph when they gain the ability.

Characters who are created as morph capable are able to have fifteen morphs already available to them.

There is a low chance of a purchased morph coming up as being one that the purchaser is allergic to (as with Rachel and the crocodile DNA). If you end up becoming allergic to a morph, you will receive a private PM informing you of this fact. This event must be dealt with immediately since this allergy will cause your character's body to begin rejecting the DNA into a full-blown copy of the animal. Dealing with it must be done no more than two weeks after you first receive the PM about them being allergic.
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