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Race: Yeerk - The Ellimist - 03-28-2017

[Image: yeerks.png]

A race of slug-like aliens, the Yeerks have adapted to their sightless world by becoming parasitic in their nature. They have the capability of entering the ear canal of another creature and are able to take over all mental and bodily functions, essentially leaving the original occupant of the body trapped. It is possible for the host to fight back but they can only briefly glimpse control over themselves again, never able to free themselves of the Yeerk on their own.

Originally the Yeerks only had access to a race called the Gedd as their hosts and existed in a sort of symbiotic relationship with them. However, the Gedd possessed poor sight and balance and their population was unable to keep up with the number of Yeerks that needed hosts, leaving most to continue residing in the pools of their home planet. They were also stunted by the need to periodically leave their hosts for one of the pools due to their need to periodically absorb the Kandrona Rays that their sun produced.

With the Andalite arrival on the Yeerks planet, they found their salvation. Prince Seerow took pity upon the race and gave them access to his people's technology as well as portable Kandrona generators that would allow the Yeerks to no longer be bound to their home world. Eventually this led to a group of Yeerks killing a handful of Andalites and stealing ships, beginning their galaxy spanning conquest of other races as well as the Andalite-Yeerk War.

[Image: race_traits.png]

  • While Yeerks can take a host, they can only possess one for three days before they must leave it to absorb more nutrients from Kandrona Rays in a Yeerk Pool.
  • Yeerks reproduce through tripartite parents, combining together in order to release several hundred grubs from their dying bodies that will become more Yeerks. It is possible that twins can spawn from a single grub.
  • Yeerk names are built by their NAME following by a series of numbers. Their name is dependent upon one of the three "parent" Yeerks they were spawned from and the number will be whatever the next number in line for that name is. Should a Yeerk grub twin, they will also bear a double digit end number. One twin generally succeeds while the other fails and they rarely share power, these call dubbed "Lesser" and "Prime" (though Prime is never used for the one that gains this designation).
  • Like a slug, they are vulnerable in their natural forms.
  • A discovery upon arrival to Earth is that a Yeerk can survive off of instant oatmeal (particularly maple and ginger) without a need for Kandrona Rays but it will eventually drive them insane. A Yeerk can also survive by cannibalizing their own kind, but this seemingly also requires killing the Controller they possess.
  • Fugue is the starvation state that a Yeerk will go into if they do not receive Kandrona. If inside a host when this happens, they lose control and the host is able to access all of their memories, including those taken from previous hosts.
  • If a dying Yeerk is forcibly pulled out of a hosts ear, it will cause bits of it to remain attached to the host's nerves and effectively drive them insane.

[Image: race_military.png]

The Yeerk Empire has a rather simplistic hierarchy. At the top there is the Council of Thirteen, which are made up of a variety of host races. Amongst the Thirteen is the Emperor though none but the Council know which of them this is.

Below the Council are the Vissers, the generals of the Empire. There are at least forty-seven known ranks of Visser and they rank in ascending order with the lowest number being the highest in rank.

Known Vissers
  • Visser One : Edriss 562, Eva Reyes
  • Visser Three : Esplin 9466, Alloran-Semitur-Corrass
  • (Former) Visser Six : Nxion 121 (Deceased), Leona Marie Cabbell (Freed)
  • Visser Forty-Two : Leoff 568, Sarial-Langor-Donraff

Underneath the Vissers are the colonel equivalent, the Sub-Vissers. The same ascending ranking applies to the Sub-Vissers and they are over four hundred in number.

Known Sub-Vissers
  • Sub-Visser Three : Keelas 112, Jake Berenson
  • Sub-Visser Sixteen : Strach 792

At the bottom of the hierarchy are the Controllers. Amongst themselves, however, they do have their high and low ranks as well. These ranks are designated mostly by the number that follows their name and they can move up in rank by being promoted to a higher number. They can also be promoted from these ranks into the Sub-Visser rank and retain the final number they sat at amongst the ranks of their name.

Ranked Yeerks
There are some Yeerks below the Visser and Sub-Vissers who hold positions of authority that have been gifted to them by a higher up.
  • Second-in-Command of Asri Ful Pool, Chief Technician of Asri Ful (former Chief Technician of Sekol Kon) : Sidin 445, Marco Reyes

[Image: y_hosts.png]

There are several species that exist as hosts for the Yeerk Empire and they have a five tier classification system for them.

  1. Physically unfit for infestation
  2. Capable of infestation, but suffer from severe drawbacks
  3. Physically fit for infestation, but are few in number and can't be bred quickly
  4. Perfectly fit for infestation, but are too great a challenge for invasion
  5. Perfectly fit for infestation, are large in numbers and able to breed quickly, and can't resist the Yeerks

Class OneArnSkrit NaHawjabran
Class TwoGeddTaxxon
Class ThreeOngachicHork-BajirLeeran
Class FourAndaliteGaratron
Class FiveHuman

Moved Races: Arn were originally Class 3.
Unknown race Class designations include: Garad, Nahara, Mak, Ssstram.