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Character List - The Ellimist - 03-28-2017

Allerna-Vavric-Maewis is Traycon3/T3 with Andalite Government
Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil is The NPC with Andalite Government / Resistance
Cassie Higgins is The NPC with Neutral
Forlin-Langor-Chulain is Dreamsleever with Resistance
Galadha-Marus-Fohleen is Terion with Andalite Government
Jake Berenson / Keelas 112 is The NPC with Yeerk Empire
Jeanne Gerard is Xenofrobe with Resistance
Leoff 568 / Sarial-Langor-Donraff is Dreamsleever with Yeerk Empire
Leona Marie Cabbell is Shandragontear with Neutral
Marco Reyes / Sidin 445 is The NPC with Yeerk Peace Movement
Nichole Matthews is Traycon3/T3 with Resistance
Rachel Berenson is The NPC with Resistance
Ren Nakano is Terion with Resistance
Ruddy Mallard is osmiumpeach with Resistance
Tiamat Morgan / Norpo 697 is Traycon3/T3 with Yeerk Peace Movement
Tobias Fangor is The NPC with Resistance
Tork Jerekh is Xenofrobe with Resistance
Vorara 669 is Traycon3/T3 with Yeerk Empire
Zephrin-Ajihir-Isthmus is Traycon3/T3 with Andalite Government
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