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Invasion History : Post Record - The Ellimist - 03-28-2017


Guard DutyNichole Matthews, Forlin-Langor-Chulain, Ruddy Mallard, Ren Nakano, Tork Jerekhtraycon3, dreamsleever, osmiumpeach, Terion, XenofrobeActive
Chillin' at the MallForlin-Langor-Chulain,
Chris Henderson, Nichole Matthews, Ruddy Mallard
dreamsleever, traycon3, osmiumpeachClosed
Escafail DeviceTiamat Morgan, Visser Three, Vek Noturtraycon3, The NPC, dreamsleeverActive
[TEXAS] Contacting the AndalitesForlin-Langor-Chulain, Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil, Ren Nakanodreamsleever, The NPC, TerionActive
Hidden in Plain SightBaravan-Castant-SalardreamsleeverActive
Illegal AliensLeona Marie Cabbell, Grel Dermot, Leoff 568, Gerlan-Torluit-VaranarShandragontear, dreamsleeverActive

RE: Invasion History : Post Record - The Ellimist - 04-22-2017

 These posts are from The Past That Shaped Us sections and include events between 1999 and before the start of the board plot.

The DisappearanceTork Jerekh, Forlin-Langor-ChulainXenofrobe, dreamsleeverActive
New BeginningsAximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil, Forlin-Langor-ChulainThe NPC, dreamsleeverActive [Ax]
Cinnabuns, hunForlin-Langor-Chulain, Tiamat Morgandreamsleever, traycon3Active [Ti/Norpo]
Life is Precious... Maybe... SometimesLeona Marie Cabbell, Vek NoturShandragontear, dreamsleeverActive
Host Breeding Station (Property of the Yeerk Empire)Leona Marie Cabbell, Tiamat Morgan, Leoff 568Shandragontear, traycon3, dreamsleeverClosed
Contacting the CouncilLeoff 568, The Council of Thirteendreamsleever, The NPCClosed
At the Yeerk Space StationLeoff 568, Vorara 669, Tiamat Morgandreamsleever, traycon3Active [Open to Yeerks]
Contacting the VisserLeoff 568, Tiamat Morgan, Visser Threedreamsleever, traycon3, The NPCActive
The Dome Ship MoonBlossomLeona Marie Cabbell, Grel DermotShandragontear, dreamsleeverActive

RE: Invasion History : Post Record - The Ellimist - 04-22-2017

These are Sario Rip events.

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