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[Image: event1.png]

The first word of something going on came in from two YPM members on communications in the Asri Ful Pool. These first indications were simply that something big was being brought in by Visser Forty-Two, specifically to Asri Ful. What little sleuthing the YPM were able to do into exactly what was being transported has revealed that the transport contains hosts. The conclusion is that these hosts are extremely important to the Empire as there would be no reason to keep a regular host transport from a breeding station or Sekol Kon in orbit so hush hush.

At some point soon, a rescue strike will be put together and then run by the Resistance with indirect aid of the YPM station in Asri Ful.

At this moment, it is unknown by the Resistance that the host transport contains Andalites captured from the frigate Farociar.

[Image: new_some.png] [Image: new_some.png] [Image: new_some.png] [Image: new_some.png] [Image: new_some.png]

This event will be an organized effort of Resistance and YPM alike on the rescue side as well as Yeerks who will be in Asri Ful that will attempt to stop their efforts. It will also include - once they are freed - the Andalites of the Farociar.

Anyone that would like to be involved, please reply to this thread on the account of the character you are going to have involved in this event when it launches with how they are potentially going to be involved. You can also, if you wish to create an Andalite character at a later date and have this be their introduction post, submit their name so they can be amongst those rescued.

Will be one of the Andalites rescued.
Potentially involved via comms and by technical means, not physically there during the rescue.
Will be involved with YPM efforts in the Pool to allow the Resistance safe entry and bungling Yeerk forces as well as aiding in Ren's entry into the Pool systems.
Either will be involved inside the Pool with his team or will be running a side mission as a distraction crew with them to split Yeerk forces.
Will be within the Pool aiding Visser Forty-Two in overseeing the arrival of the hosts with his personal ten man team of hand-picked Yeerks in bred-for-battle Hork-Bajir.
Will be fighting alongside the resistance.

(just in case it must be told, I'll also involve Mathieu Beaulieu (Ruddy's friend) in this)
Will be fighting along side The Resistance in order to free her fellow Andalites.
Will be fighting along side The Resistance in order to free his fellow Andalites and to aide The Resistance.
Working with the YPM.
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